Friday, November 8, 2013

Their day of Love.

Beachside, full moon, candle light dinner, champagne, dozens of red roses, loads of chocolates, her romantic hero in a Shah Rukh Khan like tuxedo at her command,  making her feel like a Princess ..... ..... awe... that was supposed to be her dream date. 

But in reality something else happened.

Years before, if she had to describe herself, she would have pointed to Anjali (Kajol) of Kuch kuch hota hai. Tomboy, talkative, adamant, never missed a chance to get into her cosy jeans type, male friends dominated the friend list and remotely expressive.

So when many of her friends were falling heads over heels in love with their soul mates she declared herself immune to this love disease. But as always, whenever she  thinks of something, God comes up with just the opposite with a smirk on his face. With a wicked smile he pushed a button on his most sophisticated gadget, and there appears a man out of blue into her life. Huh!

It was time when FB was yet to gain popularity and Orkut was booming. She met her Mr. Man through that, but in few seconds came to know that he was her senior. Gosh! Ragging! That was her first thought. But thanks to her lucky stars, she never got a chance to meet him on campus. Even thou he was heading the anti ragging team, he got a notorious looking gang of friends. The mere sight of any of them could increase her gangs BP!

Their first chat never had any inhibitions or what-to-say-next dilemma. In fact it was very easy going as they had so much to gossip about their own college and department. And when they said bye and logged off for the night she knew this guy was going to cause her some sleepless nights. And before she could take it all, they were in love!
She shared this change of her relationship status with her friends. First, they won't believe that "She" was in a relation, second, that too with a person she haven't met even once. And to her surprise everyone in her gang have seen him in campus except for her. But by then he was already out of college and even out of the country.

After one month of their technology enhanced relation, they finally met in person. The day they met in real for the first time was actually weird. They knew each other so well, but still were strangers. She was nervous but with a bold face. Seeing him there right in front of her, made her realise that she was actually in love with this human being. She didn't hear any church bells ringing, or any signs like in a Nicholas Sparks or Nora Roberts book.

They had their happy moments and cat fights too. He got possessive at the mention of her male friends. And she disapproved of his social circle. Above all the distance was also taking a toll on them. They knew they had separate lifes now and if needed a future together, they should  have to make it work now, and they were determined to do so. But she was having second thoughts. "Am I with the wrong person? Was this relation something out of my impulsiveness?" But still he felt real. She decided to follow her heart. What if he turns out to be her soulmate? 

One Saturday morning when she was lazily enjoying her weekend, her phone rang. To her utter most delight it was Mr. Man from the airport. He was in town for two days. She was too surprised and happy to question.

Next day they decided to met. And he came with his sisters. He wanted a green signal from them. If its a No from the little ones... then that's a serious issue they have to deal with. But that was one thing she initially liked about him. He was a  devoted family person. Perfect son and brother. 

Sisters time turned out to be fun and after dropping them home they went for shopping. Before that, knowing that she was a bibliophile, he took her to the book expo that was happening there and allowed her to drool all over the books and even bought her some, which gained him extra points. Then they went to a near by park. All of a sudden he became so serious and philosophical about life and relationships.

"My sisters loved you"... he told.

"So is this happiness and talks cos of that. .."

"Maybe... and I bought you something..."

"Huh! Another book?... "

"Seriously don't you have any other obsession other than this?..."

When she grinned sheepishly to that, he opened a small box and took out a ring! A thin golden band with a small heart in the middle.

Wow! Her heart started fluttering.

But she was too numb to say anything.

And her mind was freaking out. "God! He's not going to ask me to marry him. Aren't we too early for that... I am not even out of college... no... don't let him..."

Sensing her fear and uneasiness he said,  "Don't give me that look. I will ask you to marry me, but not now. Come on. I am not that stupid. But when its the right time 'm just going to do that. Then don't stare at me like this. I wanted to gift you something. So why not this?".
She looked at him dumbstruck.

"You are precious to me, no matter how much we fight or tear each other or despite the distance between us. If ever you get any doubts about us, this will always remind you of our happy moments together. And... you can even consider this as a pre-marriage-proposal.... if you want... but I hope this will erase your thoughts and doubts about us."

She was confused. She never told him anything that was in her mind. And she asked the same to him."How do you know all that was going through my head?"

He smiled .... "Do you think that I can't read you? I know you better than you know yourself."

With that and a wink he gave her the ring of their love which was made of hope and promises for a lifetime.

That moment made her realise that, in every girl's love story there's a bit of fairy tale and once in a while her man turns to Prince Charming and sweeps her off her feet. And that was her moment, when he came just to ensure her about them and to tell her that she was his future, no matter what.

Even thou, as time passed and many more happier moments followed, that was her fairy tale moment of bliss and Platinum day of love. It just gave her strength to follow her heart confident and grow more in love.

Even now she clutches that gold band strongly when she needs a pinch of hope. 

........... .......... .............

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  1. How romantic!! I love stories like this...♥

  2. "Do you think that I can't read you? I know you better than you know yourself."

    That said it all. Isn't it? I love love stories. :-)

  3. Every girl should get her platinum day of love. And you are right, most love stories have fairy tales in them. It is the love in them that turns even the simplest gesture into something beautiful to remember for a lifetime. :)

  4. Hmmm Hmmm.... v interesting story **my brain is coming up with many explanations ;) **

    1. Huh... Mina beti I know where your brain is taking you to... no no... come back ;)

  5. How sweet! Love this type of love! Good luck for the contest :)

  6. Love in the air ! i wouldn't be asking is this a fairy tale? .. because i'm a believer of fairy tale :P ;)

  7. So romantic. God bless you woman always and I keep reading these days of love posts they are super cute. God bless these contests too :D :D


    1. Checking back my posts I realise I have been concentrating on love gor days now... I should take a break from this :D

  8. What a beautiful story! Good luck!

  9. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

  10. Awww.. so sweet! :) the prince charming million of girls keep dreaming of having in life! Good Luck :)

  11. God always has other plans, doesn't He? But, they turn out to be fruitful. :) Nice one. :)

  12. such a cute little tale!! can't help that smile that has crept up my lips as I read this one!

  13. Achodaaaaa!!! This is just so sweet!! :) :) I'm hoping this tale will turn out true for a special gal I know ;)