Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hey You,

Yeah, you itself. Not the young you or the old one. Just you. The present one. Two days ago you were asking yourself and all around you, what’s all about life? Why are we born? Isn’t life too monotonous? If we are meant to live a routine life then why are we born?

Personally for me life is all about been happy. Been lovable. Having people around you who makes you feel special and in turn who you love like anything. Living life is all about been good to others, been there for them when they least expect but wish they had someone.

For me life is coming back home doing that job you love so much. Feeling happy and content from the satisfaction you get when you do your job. Living life is having the courage to dropdown everything when you feel tied up, choked, and packs that bag to breathe some fresh air. Life is having people who understand you so well, that you don’t have to explain yourself, for them to accept your weirdness or imperfections. It’s all about having that chocolate bar, you’re not supposed to have, but you want to have. Life is like hearing that song repeatedly for the hundredth time, just because you love the sound of it. Seeing that movie for the last time again, even when you know all the scenes by heart just because you love the actor so much. Life is all about been alive. Alive doesn’t mean just breathing. It means breathing because you want to. Living life is falling in love with that imperfect person because you can’t just not fall in love with him, even when he’s not made for you.

Life is all about repetitions in a different way. It’s monotonous yet so adventurous. It’s a planned routine, but no two days are alike. Life is all about embracing everything and making that extra path to happiness.

If something is making you unhappy, change that. If something is making you sulk, change that. If your life itself is making you sad, change yourself and make your life happy.

Whatever happens, be happy in life. Because everything is all about your smiles.




  1. True being happy is the key. But the bigger question is what is happiness? How do we measure it?

  2. Lovely thoughts! Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Love this ..It is as if you have written to everyone who is reading this...Yes, being happy is so important and more so when life is so challenging
    Thanks for this

    Random Thoughts Naba - Healing Together

  4. Love this motivational post...and you will be pleased to know I intend to do exactly that! ♥

  5. Not always easy to change what makes you sad when you suffer from depression. But your point is valid. You have to make a change. Additionally, most bad times and/or situations change. Things never stay the same. And we can always find enjoyment in our good friends and family. Love the point about the one song or movie you consistently go to because it brings you joy. Life isn't always easy, but you keep going on. If not to see what comes next, then to find the next thing you just can't live without.