Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Been Grateful...

Another month. A new one. And just two more months to go for New Year. Awe… how fast this time goes. September was a good month for me. Thou was hectic, thank God didn’t had to face with much downs. In personal phase… two of my favorite cousins got married and happily enjoying their honeymoon right now. And my nephew celebrated his first birthday. And in work phase… ticked off the initial step for new ventures. So a happy September it was.

It’s said that every morning we have to be grateful to God for a new day, a new beginning, a fresh start. Infact should be thankful to everyone around us for all that they do to make our life easy. Been grateful for your life, for the people who are there for you, for the tiny tot happy moments you get every day is a positive way to approach life. We know that life is not always fair, it can be so rude that there are moments of giving up we face. But when we realize that even the unfair life, shows love towards us by sending some people or moments, to make our day easier, every difficulty looks much lighter.

What am I grateful for in life?

Actually for everything. Everyone. Aren’t we all? Yes! But the realization hits way late, maybe when we miss someone or something. Till then, it’s all taken for granted.

I am grateful for every single soul (Living and death) who has been in my life till date.
Family. Cousins, who despite the distance and different paths taken in life, at the end of the day no matter what, leaves a message to mark their presence in my life.

Friends (Virtual and non-virtual). People who loved me the weird way I am. And also to those, who made me realize that no one is worth holding when you have to drop your standards for that.

My librarian back in school who did a major role in entitling the love for books in me. I am forever grateful to her. In lower grades, if she hadn’t allowed me to take those brand new books which were only meant for senior students, I won’t have been a bibliophile now. 

This blog, which happened on a midnight some years ago, when I was so frustrated and angry at life, and wanted to take that out on something or someone to remain sane but still didn’t want that scapegoat to be a living being. And double grateful for the friends who visit this space.

So welcoming October with a open heart, full of hope for a good month for everyone.


  1. I love this post - what a beautiful outlook on life! Thank you so much for putting your gratitude into words and sharing it.

  2. So wonderful to begin the day with gratitude, Sheethal. I am very happy that you had a lovely September :)

  3. This is such a wonderful post which resonates with me....So good and liberating to be thankful for all that we have in life...we wouldn't be what we are today without all the experiences and people life brought along..right?

  4. We both started our blog , the similar way and for similar reasons.
    Also, I owe big time to my dear old school librarian too. :D

  5. Beautiful post Sheethal! Its a good feeling to sense that gratitude- and so true- we have a lot to be grateful for. Happy you had a happy time, and all the best for October, dear:-)

  6. There are times when we feel grateful and blessed for a beautiful life. And gratify each and everybody with depth of our hearts and positivity making a world warm and cozy place to be in. Blissful times! :)

  7. Indeed grateful for our bogs... Our virtual space not burdened by any pressure or expectations from life! Why u not taking part in the wt fest

  8. Gratitude is a rare thing nowadays, Sheethal! Glad you took the time to count your blessings! :)