Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Me of 16,

Awe…. It feels kind of weird writing letter to myself that too to a younger version.

Not asking how you doing, because I know at 16 you hated your school, that white and blue strips uniform and the complete different environment from the convent school you came from. But you had lots of dreams and ambitions and the urge to conquer the world. You had many friends who you know could hold your back no matter what and some are still here with me. But should warn you, that life doesn’t always turn out how you plan it. It has a mindset of its own, but influenced by our choices and walks. Never even in your dreams you would have thought that life in 10 years would be exactly opposite to what you wanted it to be now. But that's OK. Life is not always about perfection. Mistakes also play a role in it. And for your information, you’re going to screw up your boards just because you were so glued to Orkut and yahoo messenger, that got introduced to you, right before the exams. And No! Mom won’t let you take Literature/Psychology even when you get interview calls from all the colleges you applied. But in reverse, you will be accepted for Engineering even when you prayed hard not to get in. Cheers! That’s Life! 

Have you ever thought that guys are going to top your friends’ list? But it has. And do listen to them when said not to race them. Because I don’t appreciate all these scars and marks, it has caused on my hands and knees. And if you had half the stubbornness I have now, it would have benefited me. Now I have to do all the stubbornness and hear mom saying, “You were such a good girl back in school.” And stop writing all those crazy stuffs in your diary. Mom’s spying!

You will deal with love, heartbreaks, breakups, deaths and sorrows. And will actually learn the act of saying sorry and be good to others even when they are not, but obviously with an annoying face inside. And that dream of living far away from home is still a dream. Tough luck in that till date. So better, start dreaming about something else.

You are going to meet some beautiful souls in your life. Some are meant to stay for long, and some just pays a visit. However, they are going to be valuable for you for the time, memories and the lessons they taught you. So overall life is different from what you assumed but yet not so boring. There' s always a wow moment in between the crappy ones. So whatever happens just hold your head up and live Life Bindaas. I'll be here for you always, but just 9 years ahead.

Take care.
Loads of Love,


  1. Insanely cute this was. I like your 16yr old self and your current self . both are lovely :)

  2. I loved that Mom's spying part... so sweet and funny :) wonderful letter to your younger self. :D

  3. That was a cute letter to self ...:-) We grow old and wise for sure - and sometimes I wish I could have read a letter like that at my 16:-) Great read:-)

    1. grow old, definitely... but wise.... yea in a way that too. :)

  4. I think like Red said both your 16 year old self and current self are wonderful...I felt like you poured out so much with such honesty in this post...Loved it...

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  5. Live life Bindaas...very nicely said.:)