Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silent Smile...

The moment he walked into the house, he knew something was not right. This was not the way his Lydia was, this was not the way she kept her house, their home she had painstakingly decorated and maintained.

Magazines scattered about the hallway, the upturned flower vase and the dirty footprints leading to one of the rooms inside was more than enough to make his heart skip a few beats.
As he stepped inside cautiously, his mind was conjuring up vivid grotesque images of what might have transpired in his house during the few hours that he was away.

The sight that awaited him inside shocked him to the core. Hugging her little nephew who had come for a surprise visit, Lydia was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face!

About Bhavya: 

I write to free myself, all the while trying to engage you a bit more, trying to learn from every step I take. A hopeless romantic and believer in fairy tales, books, friends, music and food soothe my soul and rejuvenate me like nothing else. Secretly desirous of being a world famous author, i weave tales on my blog about people, relationships and emotions. I blog at Ishithaa.

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  1. Great pause for thought. Can just visualise this.

  2. Glad it ended well. Sometimes chaos is bliss.

  3. Aah! Thank God, all's well. I was imagining the worst! :D

  4. It sounds like they had a very good time while he was away! ♥

  5. ha ha ... you have a knack of creating vivid scenes...loved it

  6. It's very nice when our worst nightmares dont come true. Very nice :-)