Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lazy Ramblings

Today the nectar from the skies was showering down from morning. When in Middle East these drizzles are an added bonus. You just feel so good and happy. And the desert looked all fresh and rejuvenated after their "once in a blue moon" shower. So all over it was a blissful lazy rainy Saturday here. 

But as the morning started to wore off, my DND (do not disturb) mode started to do a sneak peek from behind its hiding place. And the best thing of my life is, I was always lucky to meet people who matches my weirdness. Be it me in my irritating or cranky or DND or hyper active mode I know I could count on these people. And recently a friend of mine told, "I don't know why I talk to you. It's like even thou I can't stand you, I still can't ignore you too". And for me, that's friendship.

By the way, today is my parents wedding anniversary. The 32th year of their togetherness. Actually 32th year of their marriage life. Before that they had a "before marriage" love life. But they never disclose those details to me. I came to know that theirs was a love marriage through my cousin sister during our gossip sessions. That's the advantage of having a whole gang of cousins. You get to know all the "before you were born" family secrets. ;)

So Dad and Mom, Happy Anniversary. Even thou at times you both get into my nerves, you're the best parents a child could ever dream of. Thanks for been with me even when I was not a good daughter, even when I was arrogant and rude and for giving me a wonderful home and a beautiful family. I love you both.

P.S. I was too lazy to wake up my creative cells and do tolerate this ramblings of mine. :)

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  1. This is a nicely written article with great images. It is so authentic and down to earth about your family

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents. And the friendship quote is so true.

  3. Wow! 32 years is a long time, Sheethal! Blessings to you and the family!

  4. very nice .. the first image has such an soothing effect .. Happy new year :)

  5. I love how open and honest you were! This sounds like something that I would write myself. As far as the openness, honesty, and uniqueness. :)

  6. Happy Anniversary to your parents. I got to know about the rain from another friend in Dubai...its great that you have rains too now :)

    STraight from the heart post, this!

  7. Great post babe!!!
    and 32 years of togetherness!! My Goodness!! My love ad regards to them!

  8. 32 years! This is quite a deal man. And well cousins fill up all the details. That picture of kids cycling around is so refreshing :-)


  9. Belated anniversary wishes to your parents! LOL @ 'get on my nerves' :D