Thursday, January 23, 2014


She sat hugging her knees. She was shaking. The four walls seemed to compress on to her.

Couldn’t think.

Couldn’t breathe.

The moment of complete blankness. Thoughts freezed in her brains. The world seemed to collapse infront of her.

She couldn't accept the fact. It just doesn't seem to be real. It was not supposed to happen this way.

But... where did it go wrong?

What happened in between?

Nothing made sense. But she went back to the old routine the next day itself. Because she was forced to do so. She did everything she used to do. From teasing her peers to laughing to loathing around. But nothing seems to come out from her heart. Her smile never reached her eyes. When something good happened she felt guilty to be happy. 

Days were usually a stage for her cheerfulness and at nights she would cry endlessly praying for a miracle. Even after months she believed in that.

She was an insaneous mess!!!

No memories were enough for her. No words felt meaningful to her.

She went through a wide range of emotions from guilt, to anger, to regret, and depression. And she hated to share anything to anyone. 

Years passed, but she didn't.... and even now... she prayed for that miracle to happen. 

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  1. Felt more like words from the heart of someone who was waiting to be heard. Also, replace all those she's with he's and it will still make perfect sense :) Good one.

    1. Sometimes even with so many around us, we feel unheard, no?

  2. So many people lead similar quiet lives of desperation while pretending all is well. You've captured the emotions really well, Sheetal.

    1. For some pretence becomes life itself.
      Thank you Corinne :)

  3. Hope...

    and I hope she never gets hope-less. Nice piece, Sheethal

  4. I hope that miracle happens soon for her.

  5. It takes a ton of effort to pretend like everything is okay. It's a physically exhausting process. And yet we see so many people who would rather suffer in silence than let it out just because they can't see a single person they can share it with.

  6. This reminded me of when I was depressed feeling hopeless, putting a smile on my face that never reached my eyes or heart, and telling everyone who asked that I was fine. You captured the feeling of despair perfectly. I have been there and felt that and you were spot on,. Brilliant! ♥

  7. I hope good things happen for her! You have captured this feeling so nicely in this write..very well penned.