Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Last Laugh

It was a tough phase for Rhea, a test of sorts. More than the body it was affecting her mind as she continued to fight a battle which she assumed she’d already lost.

Gradually, her husband was successful in making her realize that all she had to do was fight. That even if nobody else stood by her, she had to stand up for her ideals. Over time Rhea had collected enough proof to expose the wolf hiding in the lamb’s clothing.

She had the last laugh as she watched her boss being arrested for money laundering and employee harassment


About Bhavya: 

I write to free myself, all the while trying to engage you a bit more, trying to learn from every step I take. A hopeless romantic and believer in fairy tales, books, friends, music and food soothe my soul and rejuvenate me like nothing else. Secretly desirous of being a world famous author, i weave tales on my blog about people, relationships and emotions. I blog at Ishithaa.

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  1. Aah! Serves him right!! Good one for the prompt! :)

  2. Justice done for Rhea. Truth triumphs ultimately.

  3. Good for her and glad that she had a supportive husband as well! :)

  4. Good she found the courage to do the right thing.

  5. She surely did have the last laugh!! Brilliant! ♥

  6. Ooooh good one. Karma will win in the end.