Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blissful Rain

It was raining hard yesterday night. In this part of my country, which records on an average 3000 millimeters of rain annually, it is not a surprise phenomenon. But what never changes is how the rain brings out those aspects of me which were hitherto unknown even to me. 

The water droplets checking their reflection against my window glass, the distant drum roll of thunder, the Nature draped in a fresh green sari, as if waiting for the sun to come out and propose to her and make her blush-isn't all this enough to bring out the romantic in you? 

There's no bliss greater than the kiss of rain on your lips, no other ecstasy comparable to the high from dancing to the tune of rain, no other hug warmer than the water droplets caressing your body...


About Bhavya: 

I write to free myself, all the while trying to engage you a bit more, trying to learn from every step I take. A hopeless romantic and believer in fairy tales, books, friends, music and food soothe my soul and rejuvenate me like nothing else. Secretly desirous of being a world famous author, i weave tales on my blog about people, relationships and emotions. I blog at Ishithaa.

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  1. Ah the romantic in me can't wait for the monsoons in my region! Lovely!

  2. That created such a vivid and a beautiful imagery, Bhavya!! You have a way with words :) ♥