Friday, January 10, 2014

Of Tomorrows

As I lie under the stars wrapped in your arms, clothed in your love, your soft heart beats singing me the lullaby wanting me to drift peacefully off to sleep. Our legs intertwined like the tendrils of the wildflowers we plucked, hands holding each other in a tight embrace, leaving no gap for even the air to enter between us.

Your presence fills some unknown void in my heart and fills up my being with hopes and dreams of tomorrows we will welcome holding hands, of children who will be our gift to the world, of the numerous songs that will sing of us and celebrate our togetherness. This warmth that gives my heart a perpetual high, this closeness that comforts more than a warm blanket in winter, this sense of fulfillment that you alone create; if not love, then what!

About Bhavya: 

I write to free myself, all the while trying to engage you a bit more, trying to learn from every step I take. A hopeless romantic and believer in fairy tales, books, friends, music and food soothe my soul and rejuvenate me like nothing else. Secretly desirous of being a world famous author, i weave tales on my blog about people, relationships and emotions. I blog at Ishithaa

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  1. Beautiful images and life melodies, Bhavya. Thanks for sharing your art.

  2. Just the perfect picture of love. Lovely 'loverly' post :)

  3. This was such a warm, fuzzy, romantic kind of post! It made me smile. I loved it! ♥

  4. "Our legs intertwined like the tendrils of the wildflowers we plucked"
    That was creative!

  5. How beautiful and so romantic!! ♥