Monday, January 27, 2014

Past.... Can You Come Back to Me?

Sometimes you badly wish to go back in time.
Go back to the time when your biggest worry was HOMEWORK.
When there was no heart breaks. No painful tears.
When you didn't had to worry about your tomorrows.
When you Never cried thinking about your yesterdays.
When dreams were believed and not shattered.
When fighting with friends meant having fun.
When Tom & Jerry was the favorite pass time.
When Dad was the only guy you loved and trusted.

But there are times when you wish to go back to a specific day...
To rewrite your fate, to change your destiny,
To make it more tolerable.

You wish you had a time machine.
You wish you could just fly back to time.
Back to that day when you was genuinely Smiling....

But Life is all about moving forward,
Walking on with all those pasts and the strength bestowed by them,
To make a more better future.

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  1. At sometime or the other we all feel like this... this demand for time machine always exists..


  2. I think we've all been there! My housemate was recently saying how she wishes she wasn't an adult with adult responsibilities! :-\ Being a kid was great...much simpler times. But, I reckon the present with all its ups and downs is a learning curve in itself! :) Beautifully penned...

  3. I like how well from Homework to Deadlines to doing nothing I have moved forward! :)
    But, a time machine would be very handy!! :P

  4. I do feel this every day. Wish I could reverse the needles of the clock and jump into the past and undo my mistakes and shake up some people.
    Loved your poem and it reflects my state of mind.

  5. Everyone feels like this at one point or another but really...would it help to go back and have a do over or would it make it just that more complicated in another aspect? Something to ponder. ♥