Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zara ...

Her life was never a fantasy. It constantly had its ups and downs... smiles and frowns. But when he came along, Zara turned every tear into smiles.... and every frown into a grin. She loved every bit of him. His craziness, anger, beliefs, looks, arrogance and everything. In the beginning everything was blissful. But as days went, the happiness started to play hide and seek just as his mood swings. He could be a lovable person this moment and an insane man the next.

In the beginning, Zara had a numbness that allowed her to exist. Then her memory turned into images like an old silent movie, flickers of images but no detail. Now… Now she remembered details. It was like seeing fire, being burned before, knowing it will hurt, and sticking your hand in anyway. In her mind she inspected his face, his look, what did she miss, what she could have done to be there with him. Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Thou the thought of him away from him make her incomplete, it keeps her alive. And she’s grateful for that. 

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  1. Better be alive with fear than not?! What a way to live! She is either abused woman and/or crazy! ;) <3

  2. that's so sad :(
    Congratulations on completing A-Z Challenge :D
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  3. Looks like a case of domestic abuse. Philosophically, she's right. But practically, letting someone abuse you physically or emotionally is a sin.

  4. Oh what a heart breaking one to end the challenge with! I hope she gets out of the relationship.

    Congrats on finishing the challenge!!! A job well done!!!


  5. Abuse is often difficult to detect. This was a sad story. But congratulations for finishing the challenge.

  6. She needs to escape that life.
    Loved reading your posts through a to z challenge :)

  7. Loved the way you ended Zara's tale, Sheethal. Sometimes you got to choose wisely even if it makes you incomplete!

  8. Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  9. Aw. What a gal Zara is.

    Congrats! Great job. :)

  10. Great story. I'd love to know how things turned out for Zara!
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  11. Hello there.
    Congratulations on surviving the A-Z Challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess