Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jhilmil ...

Every name is real. And some people’s name depicts their whole self so well. The same goes true for Jhilmil. After seeing her, no one will leave without a smile. She was such a joy to look at. Her eyes always sparkled with joy and innocence.

But for some days now, she seems to lose interest everything. The perfect student turned to a careless one. A girl who did her homework every day, started to forget them, who studied religiously for every test, started to stare at the questions blankly. Parents, teachers or no one knew what made Jhilmil so different, so turned off from her life. But one day her mom saw her uneasiness when her Uncle tried to hug her. And that made that mother understand the reason for her daughter’s change. 

P.S. Jhilmil - Sparkling

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  1. that's so sad. I wonder how many girls face such situation. Well written.

  2. A nice story weaved. I had a colleague with the same name and she totally rocks:)

  3. Oh, I hope now that mom might know that mom does something to stop the problem so that Jhilmil can try to get back some of the joy she had with living


  4. That's so sad...her mother finally realised what was happening, though late.

  5. God! That's a terrible thing to happen to any child. Glad her mother finally realized the reason for her disinterest!