Friday, April 10, 2015

Iara ...

“Iara…..!!! Are you going to clean your cupboard at least this time or are you going to leave it there for another five years?”

“No Mom! … I am going to do… now itself.”

Iara went to her room and opened her cupboard where she have tucked away her memories from school, college and wonder years… right from her first grade school handbook to college ID card. It was her chest of treasures. Every time she comes home, her mom tells her to sort things out in this cupboard. But all the time, she finds herself picking each one of item and going back in time to relieve those memories again.

“Today I am going to this clean this mess”

She opened the shelf and her eyes fell upon a diary. She opened it and …

Dear Diary,
Today a new girl came to class. And the teacher assigned her seat next to mine. She a talkative she is. Even when I ignored her, she just kept on blabbering. Such a chatter-bug!!


Dear Diary,
This New-Girl… she is making me crazy. When the teacher asks me a question, she jumps up and answers it… even when it was my chance! I do not like this girl! Tomorrow I am going to ask the teacher to change my seat.


Dear Diary,
Now I am sitting next to Niya. I am no longer near to that New-girl!


Dear Diary,
Today that John and his gang came to the canteen when I was there. Seeing me alone, he started to tease me. He was making fun of my ponytail and the way my nose looked. I dint know what to do, and before I knew I started to cry. And it made that mean john to tease me more. And you know what? When almost all the kids were just staring at us, the new girl came to my rescue. She came and stood in front of me, and started back answering to John. And he actually was standing dumbstruck without knowing what to tell her. The New-Girl saved me from those bullies. How wrong I was about her? Tomorrow I am going to say sorry to her for misunderstanding her. And will ask for her friendship. Will she agree?

She couldn’t stop smiling. Today she’s back home to see that New-Girl as a Bride. Ever since that day she was Iara’s friend Best Friend.

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  1. Such a sweet story! I'm glad Iara was able to be friends with her from that point forward and to say sorry for misunderstanding her :)


  2. Such a sweet take on friendship, Sheethal :) some of my close friends are those that I didn't see eye to eye in the beginning :D I love your narrative!