Monday, July 11, 2016

I killed my Child in the Future

Dear Child,
I'm sorry. 

I'm so sorry my dearest daughter … I'm going to kill you before giving you a chance to live.

I'm sorry for snatching away your right to live, even when you're just my dream. 

I always wanted you to be mine. Dreamt and loved you like forever now. But now I don't want you to be born in this world. Yes. I don’t! 

A world where you have to fight constantly to just live. Where you have to be vigil every minute to just breathe. 

I don't want those annoying aunties to stare at you when you chose cars and guns along with your dolls. Or give you an earful when you opt for shorts and jeans over frocks and skirts. I don't want you to be forced to have long hair just because you're a girl. 

I don't want you to worry about the world before you decide to do anything. I don't want you to live in a world where you'll be tagged as opinionated, stubborn and ruthless when you stand for yourself. Don't want you to fight and struggle against the egos of the opposite sex when you climb those ladders in your career. Nor tag you as a slut when you go for a movie or dinner with your male friend. I don't want you to be called a flirt when you prefer male friends over females. Or a whore when you chose to be sexually active. 

I don't want you to worry about been safe when you're working late. Or be told that been a girl you have to ignore those disrespectful behaviors from your boyfriend/husband/anyone. I don't want you to wake up from your sleep multiple times to ensure that you have bolted the doors and no one will intrude your privacy. I don't want you to be born in a world where suffering, forgiving and been silent is considered as the virtues of women only. A world where male strength is considered as a gift to abuse women…. No, my dear… I don’t want you to be born here.

Don’t think I’m against men; in fact I still love and move forward in life because of the men in my life. But now a day it’s rare to find such souls. And it’s not about men only. When you start living you’ll understand even some women are there to make your life terrible.  

I wanted you to be born in a world where you're respected for the human being you're. Cared for the goodness you exhibit. Appreciated for your bravery and not for the perfection others demand.   I want you to be loved for the kind nature of yours and not because you're born a Woman. 

I want you to be born in a world you deserve dear. And I promise my child, that you'll feel a lot happier and safe inside my dreams. 

Yours Always.


  1. With where our society seems to be heading, this seems to be the most practical thing to do! But hope exists for those who believe! Let's believe things will change!
    Well written!

  2. That was a hard hitting post...almost summing up all the issues skirting around the fairer sex. I am sure every parent remains cognizant and concerned about the issues. However, howsoever dark the night is, the sun does rise eating it up giving us all the hope of a better time ahead :)

  3. Makes me really think, have we ever lived the life we want? Good post.

  4. Woman in India are a sorry lot,no respect ,no dignity. Just yesterday I was out shopping and I saw the way the salesman were giving lecherous looks at her.We need to educate men to treat woman with dignity not educate them to be 10th .12th.b,A.M,A Mba pass! Very well written

  5. Your post is such a thought provoking one. Those little daughters that were killed in the womb, those teenagers who were married to old men, those girls who died while giving birth. It's all so sad.
    Wonderfully written Sheethal..

  6. Life seems to be getting easier and yet so much harder for women!

  7. I believe that we create the realities we believe in. Lets believe that a safe and peaceful world exists.

  8. How sad that you won't welcome a girl child to change the world. My two young daughters have grown up to be two wonderful women and are raising their own children to be wonderful people ( I hope). Imagine if I'd not let them come into this world because it wasn't perfect for them? Life is a challenge and nothing is easy. We women are strong enough to take on anything.

  9. This is the stark truth of our society, and I share your pain and fear of raising a daughter. But it wouldn't make a difference by backing off and retreating will it? It is in our hands to change the condition at present. Beautifully written, this is something everyone should ponder over.

  10. I can see where you're coming from, Sheethal. But let me tell you if we are fighting for our rights every day and so are scores of women, why should you not give her a chance to be born and have a say in the matters of the world, in how women are treated in general and how we can fight for a safer world for all?

  11. What a bitter pill to swallow! The harsh and sordid truth! For the immense potential, talent and all other virtues a woman is endowed with, she is cursed to live in a stilted and narrow-minded society. Poignant and moving!