Monday, April 11, 2016

I for ... #AtoZChallenge2016

"IF …"

 If only … If I had … If it was … If … If … … it goes on like this.

Is there anyone out there in the world who has not wondered, even once that they would have done this, or achieved something or gone somewhere or anything of that sort IF only everything went the way they dreamt? 

Why there’s always an IF in front of your dreams? Why we have to have everything ready on our plates before we step forward to do something? Are we scared of failures or don’t we believe ourselves? Or we just don’t want to take any risks to achieve our dreams?  

I want to solo travel around the world. If I had ample finance for that, or if convincing my parents were not that hard, or if I could take a long break from work, I might go for my dream trip. 

I want to open a Book Café in my hometown. Again finance. If my place of residence where same as my hometown. What if my book café will not succeed … 

Like that for every dream of mine … there’s a lot of IFs

I know I could tackle all this, if I want, if I truly, dearly, whole-heartedly want. But somehow, something and all is stopping me. 

But just think, if I just go for all this… awe! So much of happiness nah?

All of us are somewhat like this. We keep on postponing our dreams and likes for something or the other. Maybe time, money, family, society, peace or no reason at all. We can’t do anything when everything comes in place. We’ll have to put some things in place forcefully or else all that we want to achieve will just remain in our bucket list itself, forever.

So instead of IF once try saying YES. 

It might change your life for better. 


  1. Inspiring, Sheethal. If is an excuse which needs to be changed to Yes the action!

  2. I'll do it you start your café, lol! Life does have a habit of getting in the way.

  3. I so needed to hear this today. YES! A big hug to you. We do share a lot of dreams :)

  4. These ifs and buts are mere excuses alle..

  5. True that. I took a decision a couple of weeks back...I decided to change the IFs to something fruitful.
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  6. So true Sheetal. The big IF that holds us back make from taking that leap forward! Taking the risk and taking a bold step will definitely be a rewarding lesson for us!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  7. So true...too often we hold ourselves back with doubts.

  8. Book Café - hey, that's my dream too!!
    I so much wish to get rid of these IFs; have been trying to get out of it, and succeeded a bit :)

    Dropping from A to Z've a lovely blog. I've tagged you here -