Friday, April 1, 2016

A for .... #AtoZChallenge2016

All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are. - Sarah Ban Breathnach

“The universe revolves around me." That's a theory I heard for the first time from a friend. And from how he derived, I felt it's kind of true too. We are living in a world where it’s practically being followed so blindly by some and ignored by the rest. But in a way it's good until and unless you don't turn mean and into a snob.

When you face the world confidently and very positively nothing absolutely nothing could stop you from achieving what you want in life. Nothing could stop you from exhibiting who you're in real. When in self-doubt, or when you feel that you need someone else to exist happily, this world revolves around yourself is the best self-booster you could find anywhere. Unless you're not important nothing takes that tiny effort to revolve around you, or even look at you. So when this extremely powerful and prosperous world takes that effort why can't you take a small step to ensure your own happiness and good life. When this world wants you, only you to be its center of attraction then why you have to run away from it and hide somewhere not reachable. We tend to give up on our own happy-evers knowingly and unknowingly at times. Even I tend to do that, and most of the times it's knowingly. Why? I got plenty of reasons to justify my own dos. But I got only one reason to back out from all those. That is a simple "I'm not happy with that" statement. But that is the most meaningful or logical statement you could ever make.

I am not the right person to say about follow your heart and live your life kind of statements. Simply because I fluctuate from doing so. But when you give up on something you love so dearly, you get the true value of that. When you give up your happiness and life you held so dear and near to your heart, your eyes open to a realization that nothing else is important other than you and your happiness and your own life. So amaze yourself by been the center of the whole universe and create a more happy life. 

Stay blessed and have a beautiful A-Z month. All the best dear friends.


  1. We often put other people's wants before our own when we care too much. Like you said, our own happiness should come first and it's not a matter of being selfish, but simply choosing the way you live your life. All the best to you, Sheethal!

  2. You have enough of me in you to know me without being with me..

  3. Very well said :) I feel we all need to find that balance of not taking ourselves for granted and still be compassionate about others.

    @Sunjhini from
    Destiny's Child
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  4. "The universe revolves around me" is a statement that gets a lot of flak from many people.. They don't like it when someone has the audacity to say such a thing aloud. But you've tried to change that perspective from your blog post.

    All the best, Sheethal! :)

  5. Thats true confidence is the key and theat sure helps you face the world!

  6. A profound thought indeed! To Thine Own Self be true is what I believe in! Lovely post. Cheers Sheetal :)
    @KalaRavi16 from

  7. while it may sound selfish to think of our own happiness, it is the key to keeping other happy, how can you keep others happy if you yourself aren't. I like your take on it.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  8. You started with a bang, girl! Would love to come back and read more! :)

    Love Asparagus on my dishes. Would love to grow them too. I haven't heard of Aerva lanata before. What type of spice is it? Can we add them to the Indian curries?

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  9. I agree with your thoughts, if we take it positively it is the best.

    COuld you add your twitter handle, it is missing from the twitter button.

  10. "When this world wants you, only you to be its center of attraction then why you have to run away from it and hide somewhere not reachable."
    Loved these lines, Sheethal. A meaningful post. I wonder why we don't think we are as awesome as the universe thinks we are!
    - Chicky @

  11. Good thought to increase awareness and introspection. Enjoy the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  12. This made me smile and filled me with hope :)

    Nibha @ Expressions
    Arriving Late

  13. Great message of hope and positivity. I have been reading this all day and feels like the universe is telling me this. Good one Sheethal!

  14. Fantabulous start to a great Challenge dear.
    Of course it's important to look after our needs and happiness, for if we don't then who will :)

  15. Powerful blog post... I hope your April posts be like this that gives a hope. Thanks :)

    A - The Art Attack

  16. In order to spread happiness and contentment, we must be happy and content, ourselves. So true!

  17. yep! I believe that you have to look after yourself before you can look after others. That was a lesson learnt well. :) A certain amount of selfishness is always good! Lovely start, fab post!

  18. Very well said and a beautiful quote to start the post..
    It's us who take ourselves for granted in the first place and that's where we should learn something!


  19. So nice to see you back to regular blogging, Susan. The A to Z is truly a way to get back into the groove.

  20. It is important to know your own values, what you believe in, and what is important to you, and then to stand by what you know to be true. Continue on!