Thursday, April 21, 2016

R for ... #AtoZChallenge2016

“Reach Out”

“Reach out your hand and save yourself. No one else is going to do that.” …

Her instincts kept murmuring to her for long now. For some time now, she was trying to survive. 

Just trying to breathe and to be normal. 

But some days and nights are too difficult even to snuggle into the bed. Some nights are longer and darker and lonelier. 

She wanted to get out of this but something was pulling her down. And it kept her pulling deep down, burying her inside herself never to be discovered again. 


  1. Not easy to escape it when it gets a hold of you. :( Sigh.

  2. Sadly, have been through this...and even today end up counselling friends on whatsapp not to get into this phase

    My entry for the #AtoZChallenge -
    10 Times Star Trek: The Next Generation Boldly Went Where No Other Show Dared

  3. It's very tragic when unforeseen circumstances suck us in.

  4. It's really sad! Only if we realize in times of turmoil that it is us who can help ourselves and come out of the situation just the way we want!

  5. ahh loneliness ... the longing... it's difficult but one needs to move on... touching write

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller