Tuesday, September 5, 2017



The place where I spend my childhood
The room that saw me evolved into a woman from a little one
The pillows that caressed my broken heart’s tears
The white curtains that let inside the breeze of joy into me
And ever changing colors of wall that let out my mood
The veranda which let me be intoxicated with the smell of fresh earth
Is that my home?


Is it the place where I learned to rise back after a fall?
Land which taught me to survive without friends or even foes
Abode where loneliness was welcomed as a long lost friend
Opportunities which waited for me to embrace
Busy-ness which offered a pseudo invisibility
Mundane routines which make me yearn for weekends
Is this land away from my native, my home?

There are times when the contrasts of both places frustrates me
Yet I find peace in all these chaos 
But which one is home to me?

These days I feel at home in some moments
In some people and in some memories
These days I feel at home in my laughter
In my ambitions and in my happiness
These days I find home in myself.

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  1. Lovely poem. My parent's home where i spent my childhood is as close to my heart as my current home with kids. I think, home is about memories, comforts and love.

    1. Yes, home is always about memories and love. :)

  2. Interesting, thought-provoking post, Sheetal.

    The conflicting emotions resonate with me, because I have fought the same mental battle. And I have come to the conclusion, that there is no one 'home' for me.

    I feel as much at home in Mumbai, the town I grew up in, as I feel in my house in the US. But if you notice, in India, the whole city feels like home, but in US, only my house does.

    Having said that, my true home is my family. I can be absolutely anywhere in the world, and yet feel at home, as long as I'm with them. :)

    1. That's true. In our hometown, the whole country feels like home. Long live our love for India.

  3. Such a lovely poem, Sheethal. Childhood and our first home always remains a special place for us no matter where life takes us. I can so relate to this post and your thoughts/feelings about memories, moments and the warmth of the childhood days.

  4. So beautiful Sheethal! True, most of the times, your heart is your home; the people you feel comfortable with, the moments that are worth cherishing - all of it.

  5. Great poem. I had a mix of emotions when my dad sold our big beautiful house some years back. Home is close to my heart. I love to be called as a home bird.

    1. Home birds is a good thing. And like said, home is close to heart. Thank you :)

  6. Hi Sheethal! This post is quite instrospective. This is a good question...So, where is Home? I´ve wondered the same myself...is it a place that makes you feel all cozy and comfy or which provokes you to change? I loved the ending...these days I find my home in myself. I really loved this one. Keep writing! More power to your pen. I invite you to take a look at my blogposts at https://thetinaedit.com/. Cheers!

  7. Home is where the heart is.. where one can be oneself and revel with friends and family alike. Its where I like to head back after a long day of work or a funtime party!!

  8. "These days I find home in myself."
    Well said :)

    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog, shall come back to read more of your musings and writings!

  9. Lovely! The poem resonates with me. With aging and some frequent moving and settling in the last few years, I have lost sense of home or there is no one place which I can call home. Yet, there is a home - home for me is the present where I want to stay not wanting to go anywhere else.

    1. You have found your home. :) Thanks Anamika :)

  10. Home is more of a feeling, rather than a place. :-) I find home to be the company of few friends, some of my family numbers, in the words I write, and in the comments I get from those who read and love it. It's where I'm comfortable with who I am as well, so even when work is going well, I'm at home! :-D Beautiful words, SSJ. Good to see it flow!

    1. True. Sometimes even office feels like home, after slogging for days there. ;)

      Thanks Vins.

  11. I'm no mountain girl
    and yet, Home is
    A place I find myself in
    When I look at grass-clad hills.
    It's a lovely poetry you penned and I believe home has less about the place or time. Home is nothing but a feeling. Don't you think?

    1. Yes. I don't think so. I agree so. Home is absolutely about feelings.

      Thank you so much Mansi :)