Tuesday, September 19, 2017

If we were having coffee ... #16Sept

If we were having coffee
I would detail each minute of my life from the day you left
We would talk and laugh and cry
Over you missing all those

If we were having coffee
I would tell how much it broke me
You leaving just like that
I would tell how much it changed me forever

If we were having coffee
You would scold me for the things
Stupid ones, I did
You would sulk at me
For being irresponsible at life

If we were having coffee
I would cringe at the time going
Crib at you for never visiting me even in dreams
Sigh at the thought of you leaving again

If we were having coffee
Once again I’ll make sure that conversation stays forever
Gives me hope for more coffee
And leaves me stronger than before

If only we were having that coffee … 

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  1. Many people touch our lives and leave but every friendship teaches something. Nice poetry Susan.

  2. So much can be shared over a cup of coffee... If only you find the right person. There's a tinge of sadness in your write... A longing for someone lost. Beautifully written.

  3. PAt on your back for putting this in the form of poetry.!!! Loved the way it ends with a hope that the coffee and the conversation stays on longer.

  4. "If only" - These two words are so deadly and yet reek of hope all the time.

  5. hi , i like the imagination in the poem , unfortunately i feel someone gone is gone and it always ends for good. so dont hold back and want for more rather move on because you have no choice. #lovethatyoucanbuy

  6. Lovely post! <3

  7. As a coffee lover I completely understand what you say in this poem. Lovely ! To coffee and to Coffee love

  8. nicely expressed sheethal- if only..... I have tonnes of if onlys which if only could come true ;-)

    1. Yes, If only all of those if onlys could come true. Amen to that.