Friday, April 25, 2014

Ramblings ...

Some mornings you wake up feeling so cranky moody and desperately sad. You don’t feel like getting out of the bed and make it up even to your dearest coffee maker. All you wanna do is to sink deep into pillows and sleep... but sleep just betrays you when you most needed it. You're all wide awake but still feel like dead. Somehow you make it to the shower and see yourself in the mirror all hollow eyed and with dark circles. But you did sleep well during the night and how come this? After the soaking shower and a strong coffee you get out to the day as if some departed soul still not releasing why you feeling so lost and sad.

And there are some mornings when the sun looks brighter and shinning and you wake up with a smile. Message all your friends 'Good morning' with a smiling smiley and jump out of the bed straight to the mirror to find a smiling cheerful and a very bright you looking back from the mirror. You just feel as if the world got so much better in a night and that you're the happiest person breathing right now. You sing in the shower, make yourself a hot cocoa. You see butterflies, flowers, children, happy couples you never noticed the other day. You feel ready to conquer the day with your happiness. 

That's Life. Full of contradiction and surprises. However it is, it just moves on....


  1. I agree with you and feel like being conquered with some devil or super power looming large!!!

  2. Oh it really done...and some why compare different days...the mood and the emotions change even during the a single day! :D

  3. Hello there. Whatever each day holds, I am truly grateful for every one since life is a wonderful and precious gift from God. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the challenge!
    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  4. Just like your way of sms-ing people, I have started walking in the mornings since the last month or so. It kind of makes me happy, and apart from the pain in the knees or ankles, I look forward to it.

  5. so true :) jst made me smile :) <3