Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for ...

Nothing is Permanent...!

4.30 am - In the Past

Her ringtone jerked her from a deep sleep. Without checking the number or opening her eyes she answers her phone. She knew who it would be. But her conscious mind wouldn't register it…

S: Helloo...
H: Good Morning
S: (Fully awake, happy, Smiling) Good morning. So early??
     U didn't sleep yet?
H: I missed you.

The conversation continues until the credit becomes nil for both or when one just sleeps off.


4.30 am - In the Present

She's awake. Sleepless nights and empty walls had more to talk to each other than her. She dials his number. No response. Expect for the recorded message saying the number was cancelled.

S: I miss you.....

To an unheard voice.



This post is part of Blogging from A to Z in April 2014.


  1. sigh :(
    How time changes everything.Actually circumstances do.

  2. Oh :( Lost Love , that's painful :(

  3. Well captured the transition. Hope the present improves for better :-)

  4. Such sad truth but these things come to pass, not to stay and lives goes on.

    Visiting from A-Z and glad I found your blog...

  5. lost love are always painful .. !

  6. A sad story, told well in just a few words. nicely done!

  7. How a relationship changes..... well told in such few words!

  8. Ah....sad! But hope she will take this in her stride!