Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Onam :)

Today is Onam. In and around my hometown. Our King Maveli who was sent deep in to the earth's womb would be coming up to visit his people. Everyone will be welcoming him with the best foods, clothes, flowers , happy minds and Smiles.

Onam, the most celebrated festival in Trivandrum … The traffics, traditional attire, pookalam, food fest, trade fair and mini-amusement park in the Kanakakkunne Palace premises, the illuminated trees and walk ways … ...

 The festy times like these makes me realize that ‘m seriously in a foreign country, where everything and everyone is foreign. Being here away from home, i miss the craziness of Trivandrum.

 But where ever u are, the harvest festival will definitely make u happy and smiling.

P.S. Happy Onam to all near, dear and far ones. Enjoy to the fullest.

God Blez. 


  1. Happy Onam sweetheart!! I know how does it feel like living abroad n missing out so much on festivals.& thanks for telling the reason behind Onam celebration..:)

  2. Happy Onam to you, festivals is the time I do feel the most homesick too. God BLEZ you too :)

  3. Happy Onam.
    Nothing like having all those tasty food on a vaza Ella. (and then comes the payasam)

  4. Trivandrum says I Miss you :) :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you :)

      And that blank post was a self published one from my blog.... I doesn't even knew such a post was there.. :D...

  6. Awww, you sound like my friend I met here. He's from Kerala and he used to talk about his celebration with family in Kerala. He missed his hometown. Cheers for both of you. My warm Onam wishes to you and your family!