Monday, October 7, 2013

Love through a Bride's Eyes! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the first Guest post in my Blog.
About the author through my eyes:
I first met her through ABC challenge and she was the first person to find my blog and connect. And then she was doing a month long story on Asha. And while snooping around her blog, one thing that hooked me to her is that she is also a Gemini like me! :D Then and there started our similarities, coincidences, friendship, chit chats and whatsapp'ing.
So here I present the star of the day, my soul sister from the virtual world and soon-gonna-be-bride, our own Ishithaa Girl, Bhavya. 
Check out her page. She's doing another month long story and you won't be disappointed. My word on that. :)
Now, over to Bhavya...
What is love? Yes, the age old question!

I know, umpteen people give that many definitions to that one feeling. When you think deeper, play with your thoughts, you come to realize that the very emotion called love is at play at the root of every relation.

Isn’t it Love when a sister gives the last bit of her favorite dessert to her brother?
Isn’t it Love when a father’s tiredness vanishes at the mere smile of his little angel?
Isn’t it Love when your puppy wags his tail incessantly showing his happiness that you’re back home?
Isn’t it Love when a mother nurses her sick child back to health even when her own health is failing?

That being said, there is another kind of love. The love between two people who have chosen each other to spend their lives together, share their dreams and tackle their fears together… That is the love I’m talking about.
It is a Gemini thing to have dual nature for each and every thing in life, but situations like romance and love are tough I tell you. There is that basic instinct in you to guard fiercely the little place in your heart and let no one enter in there just because you are afraid – of getting hurt, getting your heart broken or trampled over, of being vulnerable. On the other hand, there is the deep need within you to unite with your soulmate to such an extent that you are no longer two different individuals but become what is said to be one soul living in two bodies.

I’d love to know how you have maintained your relationships. Do you hold back and guard yourself against pain or just let yourself go and live in the moment basking in the warmth of new love?

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  1. Awesome Like Always!
    I just let myself go and live in the moment basking in the warmth of love.... :)