Sunday, October 20, 2013


"Everything happens for a reason". This is a phrase we hear very often, especially when anything goes wrong. Life itself is for a reason. But what? That's a question all of us ponder at one point or the other. It's said that, we all have a purpose in life and if we are able to identify it, then we become the master/mistress of our life.

Life, a book I never understands, but still never got bored off. It's more like an university where you see a combination of many ideologies, principles and cultures. I had my life pre-planned right from an early age. I knew exactly how I wanted to live my years here. I wanted to be this, do that, be a difference, bring smiles and blah blah blah.....

But when man proposes, God disposes. God just disposed every single plan of mine and began implementing his own. On the other side, I, as a lost child stood dazzled with sudden changes and the never expected days that followed. Felt sad initially, but later on I was like, 'whatever' and decided to tag along with him. Then with the present scenario, when I started planning my tomorrows yet again, Dhum! Tale mein phir twist! I just never understood these playing of chakras/fate/God.

When anything ulta pulta happens I picture God as a man with white long beard and blue eyes (a combination of Jesus Christ and Dumbledore) sitting in front of a huge chessboard like board, where we all human beings are placed, playing our respective game called life. And when he sees that our lives are going good, peaceful and smoothly, he kind of feel bored and drops a bomb and makes it a mess. And he would be smiling like a child who got caught doing something naughty. A naughty grin with twinkling eyes.... Grrrrrrr.......

Now, back to where 'tale mein twist' happened... My plans again got jeopardised.  Then and there I decided "Enough of plans". Let everything happen as the highness like. There also he started playing with me. He kept on changing his moves so often, that I got tired of life and reached a point where I had to say those three magical words to my life, "I hate you".

God, then running his hands through his beard said, "Fine, for some days I am gonna leave you in peace. But soon I'll be back with my tricks and pranks." Winked and went for his vacation.

When he plays with me and my life, I sit here without any glue on what's gonna happen next. I wish I could visit God once and ask him what he have planned for me in the coming days/years. But No, that's impossible. Guess, he's busy playing with someone's life always! 
(Grumpy face)


P.S. Now, this was not what I wanted to write initially. But see, here also he had his own way. Don't he get distracted at-least for a second?

P.S.S. God, whatever I said here was the result of your behaviour towards me recently. But that doesn't mean I don't love you! :D


  1. My life also never goes according to plan so now I just go with the flow. And it's made my life very peaceful. I love going with the flow.

    1. Going with the flow, is something 'm practicing... but seems to be bit difficult at times...

  2. Well Sheetal!...That was one hell of a post but you did end on a subtle note.:)
    It's ok to question God at times but like you said it's all planned. But we never ever could understand what's in store for us in the near futute until & unless the future converts to the present.
    Like I see it , it's just 'coz we human beings increase the intensity of our faith when put to a lot of problems & that's what the one sittung upstairs wants, I guess. "To have faith in him,no matter what".
    Life is indeed with full of surprises & twists. Uncertainty is what composes life .:)
    Nice post!

    1. I know Nikhil, it was a bit long post... but thanks that you read till the end. :)
      "To have faith in him,no matter what".... I agree... he's so damn jealous when we divert attention to someone else more than him.. ;)

    2. Hahaha...yeah!...By the way your, post wasn't that long , by "One Hell of a post" I meant you literally went on an argument with god...that's pretty rare . But ya , justified in this context I guess.:)

    3. Oops! Sorry... I thought you were referring to the length of the post... ;)

  3. A philosophy that many of us grapple with indeed! That, and the struggle to understand. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Thanks to you for reading and commenting. :)

  4. Take life as it comes, don't plan. That's the motto I follow. It does help. Trust me. :-)

  5. My life has not gone according to plan at all!! :D
    But, I'm enjoying the ride completely!! :)
    Take Life as it comes.. it makes everything so much more fun and easy to handle

  6. :D I like it when my plans go awry!

  7. Such a heartfelt post. Don't we all have these fights with god off and on?