Saturday, October 26, 2013

To A Friend,


Its been long since we had a talk/chat with each other. Long since our last gossips and teasing. We were friends once and we are friends even now. Once, we were friends who could tell anything to each other without any hindrance. But now we are friends of formalities. What changed us? As it says, "As time goes priorities changes"... is it the change in priorities made uz different. Or is it we just sticked to each other when we were in one place? I never got its answer and still pondering. Tried to smooth the hard rocks between us, but it seems like now a days we are interested in each others flaws only, instead of the relation and the moments we shared.

Like any other relation, after the initial love, misunderstandings, in differences and everything comes up in friendship too. And in tackling them lies the challenge.

Maybe whatever happened and happening is for a reason. Hoping the reasons end up to be good and also wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Stay blessed. I do miss you.

Loads of love,

P.S.  Unsend letter to a friend who got drifted apart with time and distance.


  1. I hate it too when friends drift away and ths sad part is that sometimes you cant do anything about it! Hope you get together with your friend soon :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa.

      But I think that's the way life plsys with some relations.