Wednesday, September 4, 2013


During the ABC April Challenge, the only thing I used to chant 24 hours was the alphabet of that day. Now fast forwarding to 5 months from then, I'm still chanting, but now it's Seven... Seven... Seven.......

Yesterday during the gospel preaching part of the evening mass, the Priest choose to explain about Mother Mary. She was one perfect lady seen in this world. (No offences to any other religions and the women portrayed there.) All the qualities that a woman should have was heavenly bestowed upon her.

A woman comes in all colors, shapes and size. They bring hope and love, values and virtues, compassion and empathy, energy and wisdom along with them. They know that a kiss or a hug or just a smile can ease a heart break. Woman can be kid to her father, a friend to her mother, a supportive yet naughty sister to her brother, a companion for her male friends, the gossip queen to her girl friends, a responsible yet a spoiled wife to her better half and a loving mom to her child.

Being a woman we are entitled to many privileges and 'our only rights' and which we tend to utilize at it's best. ;)

So today for my Seven"s thought of celebrating my womanhood.

1. No person in this universe will love you like your mom. Whatever you do, she may scold, crip or even shout at you but at the of the day she'll be there to hug you, console you and kiss away your tears and fears.

2. A woman understands her man, her kids like no one. Even if her dear once are seas apart, she feels what her child feels. And will be a call away to support him. She intuitively sense when something is wrong even if she's in the middle of multitasking.

3. She is sensitive. A woman is sensitive to others tears and sorrows. She rarely turns her head away from the needed. We all learnt the virtue of caring and sharing from the ladies of our family.

4. She is loyal to her loved ones. When she loves a person she is willing to do anything under the sun for him/her, even if it hurts her.

5. She can be your best friend, supporter, critic, counselor and partner in crimes.

6. Even when she look fragile outside, she's one strong hearted person.

7. She maybe stubborn, arrogant and proud like a King now, but the next moment she can be as humble as a child.

If the world can see a mother in every woman, then the world will respect her and love her for who she is. :)

This is my Fourth post for Write Tribe Festival of Words.


  1. What a lovely celebratory tribute to all that is wonderful about women!! I really loved this and found it inspiring!


  2. I love this especially because I know that my mom loves me 100% unconditionally. There is no replacement for a mom's love!

  3. Another brilliant post!!I want all misogynist to read this post.
    Happy womanhood!!

  4. can i tell u something? this is one of the most amazing posts I've read about a mother! every single thing u said is so true! how i miss my mom after reading this!! we are miles apart, but yea, right after this, im going to give her a call and tell her how much i love her and miss her.

  5. nicely written and I agree every word of it :-))

  6. I don't know if anyone can disagree with it. Other than the die hard misogynists, of course.

    You go to church daily?? I go to a temple like once in a year. And the only times I pray at home are Diwali, Dusshera and maybe Holi, and 1-2 other times.

  7. Loved reading your post ! thanks for sharing !