Monday, September 25, 2017

Unapologetically be Unique. - #U

Dear Daughter, 

People around us make our life beautiful. But you cannot love all the people. And all the people won’t like you too.

When you have like-minded souls around you it will make your days and times much better. These people accept you for who you're. Love you for your wilderness and weirdness. And they no matter what will be there for you even when you're an absolute mess. And now there are another group of people who need you in their life, but not as you're. They need someone entirely opposite to you. They might not like the way you look, walk, or the loudness you exhibit. They need you but someone who is completely different. But do we need people like that in our lives? Do we need people who can't accept for who you're?

No! You don't!

You started your life bright eyed and bushy tail. Never lose that.

You just need people who'll accept you as you're rather than trying to change you to someone else. Love you for the stubborn woman you're rather than trying to change you to a quite sophisticated lady you're not. An original is always, always better than a duplicate. 
Only you deserve to bring a change in yourself...No one else. So no matter what, be yourself and fall in love with yourself every moment.

Unapologetically be yourself. 

Unapologetically dare to be different. 

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. "



P.S. This year I signed in for the #AtoZ2017 Challenge, which I had to leave midway. I was doing a Letter Series which I so badly wanted to complete. So gradually and slowly I am doing that now. And no, I am not going to writing them in order. 

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  1. That's very beautiful advice learning to love oneself makes one complete and brings positivity in life

  2. I am glad you're finishing your letters, Sheethal! Accepting the fact that not everyone will accept you for what you are is truly a gem of wisdom that one can pass on to their children. It is comforting to know that one can be their own self without getting affected by someone's judgment. Looking forward to reading the rest of the letters. :)

  3. Very true, Sheethal. Just be YOU, people to whom you matter will accept and love you for who you are! People who find it difficult to accept you, well, just leave them behind! :)

  4. What a lovely letter this is! I believe more young women need to hear this message loud and clear!

  5. Loving yourself is a given. Friends who accept you for who you are make life better. There are all kinds of people in this world, look for those who matter to you and to whom you do too.Great post.

  6. Wow!!! Love the post. I totally agree with you. I love to raise my daughter with this kind of attitude.

  7. Glorying in your self is the best advise to give to a growing up child; do away with criticism and body shaming and other negative pull-me-down stuff and just be liberated and free of them! Be yourself and accept yourself that way!!

  8. People who love you will definitely accept you just the way you are... They don't judge... They don't think twice about being friends. It's very difficult to meet such people after school or college is what I feel. Thoughtful post.

  9. Lovely and that's a sound piece of advice which all should follow!!

  10. Having people around us who love us for what we are is so important. I love that lesson. People who want you to be someone else can make you feel low and worthless. We certainly do not want them in our lives.

  11. So glad you are completing the letters. I left this year's A-Z midway too and have been wanting to finish. :)
    This is a lovely letter. And every woman, young and old, needs to hear this - be unapologetically you!

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