Friday, August 2, 2013


Today morning I woke up to the sound of a message knocking in my phone. It was a FB message from my Best Friend Ex-Best-Friend, inviting me to her marriage which is fixed to happen this month.

Years before when we, 3 friends,  completed our 12th, stood stubborn that if we are gonna join for a professional course then it will be in the same college. We didn't want to part our ways then. I who wanted to pursue literature but who lacked strong arguments to convince parents halfheartedly accepted to join for the professional course only coz of my two friends. What if I couldn't get my dream subject, at least can be with my friends... that was my thought.

Everyone who saw our bond was literally jealous and we are over confident about our relation. But this didn't last long. Misunderstandings and ego was stronger than our love. And we just went different ways. Been in the same college we just ignored each others presence. Years passed that ignorance reduced and once BFFs turned to acquaintances.

We used to to plan each other's wedding, how the guy should be, what to wear on the day... blah blah blah. We even thought of marrying from the same family so we could be sister in laws to each other. But now...??

We are just not in each others life. But are past of each one. We broke up not coz of anyone's fault, but coz of pure misunderstandings. And we were ego blinded to say sorry... coz no one did anything and waited for the other one to come forward.

After this dishum dishum of ours I met a person who made me realize that I can be as adamant as a King and as humble as a beggar. And today I do say Sorry to others even when I believe I am right. I understood that a relation is much more valuable than any ego.

Wish... I knew it before. Then, maybe today I would be writing about my best friend's marriage preparations and not this!

In life, it's given that we lose people. People will flow in and out like breeze through an open window, sometimes for reasons and sometimes for no reasons at all. We met as total strangers and ended as lifetime friends, we shared a season of our lives, but every season has to end!


  1. Sometime Life teach you lessons in a hard way .. good to know you realized and said sorry .. friendship and love is always above than ego boundary !

  2. People come to your life for a reason and stay for a goes on