Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunshine Award #1, #2 & #3 and a Liebster Award!

I have been presented these awards ages before. But I have been procrastinating them. But yesterday brandy again bestowed upon me two more awesome awards  and felt guilty for not doing the old ones. So here I am doing my old ones...

 I've been nominated by Shanique Roca and Brandy for the Sunshine Award and a 3rd Sunshine Award and a Liebster Award from Kristen. Thank you so much Girls! :) So much of appreciation in a row??!! It feels too good when other's read out what we write so randomly and make the effort to give their responses. 

  • Include the award logo
  • Link to the person who nominated you
  • Answer 10 questions  
  • Nominate 10 bloggers, link to their blogs and comment on blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Brandy's questions to me:

1. Who is your sunshine? - My niece, Sharon :)

2. What is your favorite activity to do in the summer? - Fun with friends. :)
3. Do you suntan? If yes, real of fake bake? - No, I don't

4. Does the sun shine a lot where you live? - Yup a hell lot! I live in a desert now!

5. Finish thus phrase: Sunshine, happiness and... - Fun! :D

6. What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days? - If it's just a drizzle, then walking through it eating an ice- cream. And for heavy rain, then coffee and books! :)

7. Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? - Yup, Fortunately I have :)

8. Do you snack on sunflower seeds? If yes, what is your favorite flavor? - No

9. Have you seen the movie, Little Miss Sunshine? If yes, did you enjoy it? - Not yet, bu have added to the list. Asap will watch! 

10. What makes you feel like you are Walkin' on Sunshine? - Randomly, I feel so happy and end up smiling to myself without any reason. And that's my "Walking on Sunshine" moment. :)

Shanique's questions to me.

1. Favorite color - Black! 

2. Favorite animal - Never an animal lover.

3. Favorite number - 16! My birthday! :)

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink - Lime.

5. Favorite alcoholic drink - I can't drink any alcoholic drink except for a sip. I can't digest it's taste.

6. Facebook or twitter? - Facebook, for sure.

7. Your passions - If able to touch a person's life, then its a dream happened through passion.

8. Giving or receiving gifts? - Giving! :) I just love to see the smile on the other person's face. :)

9. Favorite city - I always wanted to live in New York. Dunno why. But I was always fascinated about that city.

10. Favorite TV shows - Tom n Jerry :D

Liebster Award from Kristen

The rules:

  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Ask 11 questions to your nominees
  • Nominate 11 upcoming bloggers.
  • Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.

"Seven Facts about myself". 

1. I love shoes. I love buying all those dashing dazzling colorful shoes/sandals. But right now I have on control from buying anymore.

2. Even thou I love Watches, I never really wear them, but as above like buying them. Buy now I make sure my brother buys only what I like, so I can also wear them if needed. And yea, I prefer gents watch over ladies.

3. I love chocolates at any time of the day/night.

4. I like scribbling out in diaries and there'll be always one in my bag.

5. I don't like tomatoes. But I like it's flavor, but as raw/cooked it's a No.

6. I don't like Maths, But i don't hate it.

7.  I still watch cartoons.

Questions from Kristen

1. What is your fav video game? Can include mobile/FB games. 

Nothing permanent. It just keeps on changing. Played Farmville for a while and temple Run also. But my first video game was Mario, and i absolutely love it.

2. Do you sleep on a very soft surface or a harder surface?

Super Soft comforter with lots of fluffy pillows :D

3. What is the most unusual food you have tried?

Aaah.... Not Yet!

4. What is your fav odd food (if any)?


5. What is the first sense you turn to describe something in your writing (taste, smell, touch, sight etc)?


6. What is the cutest things you have ever seen in your life?

My Brother! ... When he opened his eyes for the first time to see this world.

7. What is the ugliest thing you have ever seen or experienced (this can have to do with feelings, or inner ugliness, etc)?

Death of dear ones.

8. Do you prefer typing or writing with a pen or pencil or paper?

Writing in paper with pencil or pen.

9. What is your fav thing to drink?

Soft drinks - Mountain Dew. 
Fresh Juice - Mango. 
Hot drinks - ME??

10. Do you prefer road trips, airline travel, train travel, or other (when going long distances)? 

Road trips and Train travel. I get bored during airline travel too fast.

11. What is your fav way to watch TV, movies, and videos? For example, do you watch everything on your computer or sling it to a big TV? Do you use a Tivo, a DVR, or Netflix? What is your set up?

P.S. I Love You!

 My Nominations for Sunshine Award 

(1) Ann  from (A) musings 

(2) Jules from A Dose of Jules

(3) Ida from Reflex Reflections

(4) Nina from Nothing

(6) Heidi Mannan from Enchanted Pen  

(9) Afshan from The Pensive

(10) Preetilata from My White Window

My Nominations for Liebster Award

I am going to be very generous. Anyone can take this Award! :)