Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Officially 2015 is here. And that draws to an end to 12 months. As every year, this one was also filled with its ups n downs, smiles n tears, hopes n despair, gain n loss, hard work n laziness. There were days I felt like time was standing still, that nothing new was happening to inspire me. Or days I felt time was not enough. Or days I missed my hometown and close ones so much. Or days when they all felt so near even when they were so far. 
Each day, each moment something or the other is happening in our life, or in the life of someone we knew. And each one is inevitable. As each years pass, you get close to some people, you lose some, you meet someone new, you dream more, become more confident in yourself and start loving been you. Life is all about been happy and making others happy. Thank you to each one you who made me smile and sorry to those people who lost a smile because of me.

May 2015 come with so much of blessings, happiness, dreams, hopes and life to all of us. God bless. 
Adieu 2014 n Welcome 2015. 


  1. Wish you a Happy New Year filled with love and courage, make dreams come true:)

  2. Have a wonderful 2015 ahead! Blessings!

  3. Happy New Year!!! Hope your 2015 is filled with happiness and blessings! ♥

  4. The end of January ....... with some mixed results, but then that is life.