Monday, December 1, 2014

Open up yourself before returning back.

An old woman died after living a full life. So when it was time to engrave a wording about her life on her gave, no one knew what to write. Thou she lived a full time, she didn’t do anything much. So an elder person in that group suggested a quote, which everyone agreed wholeheartedly. And that was, “Returned Unopened.” 

One day when we die, do we want others to even consider thinking like this about us? Personally, no. I wish to be that person who could leave this world, making a difference to atleast one. It can be my family, kids or a complete stranger. I have seen people near and far pass away. And I have seen some people been remembered even after years of their demise and some forgotten after days. I don’t want my dear ones to cry when my time comes but I want them to miss me in a genuine way.

All of us are loaded with so much of goodness. Even the most horrible person will have something good in him. But usually we are so tuned into ourselves, everything that happens and anything we do revolve around our happiness and our good life. Not once, we look beside us to that individual who might need a shoulder to lean. Not once we notice well in a stranger before criticizing him. Not once we pay for a coffee for that homeless.

There’s only one more month to complete the book of 2014. Fill it up with gratitude, good deeds and happy moments, rather than complaints, whines and grudges. 

Happy December to all my dear friends. Stay blessed, happy and grateful for this moment. 


  1. Happy December to you, and thank you for an inspirational post. I definitely want to live a full life that touches others!

  2. I desire to make an impact on more than just one person and preferably in a big way. ;) Love your last quote! Happy December to you too Sheethal! :) <3

  3. This is such an inspiring post Sheethal...Happy December to you too :) And yes I too want to live a life that is meaningful and I don't want it to pass by without my doing anything worth remembering it for

  4. Happy December indeed. My fav part of the year (I cant stand heat)


  5. I am with you. I hope I will have made a difference to someone...that I will be missed. But most times I am certain no one would really care except maybe my kids and husband...and on the whole I am OK with that. Happy December!

  6. Happy December to you too.
    Have a productive month ahead. I hope we are making a difference with our words and deeds.

  7. Agree, each one of us must strive to make a difference in the lives of people around us!