Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's all about happiness...

Christmas was always my favorite festival of the year. Because of the colors, happiness, family togetherness, carols, wine & cakes and so much of goodie foods too.  Even thou, I’m not a big foodie, at times I get this irresistible craving to have some spicy, juicy chicken or sinfully delicious chocolatey cake or a crispy hot samosa or a simple sandwich. But the mere thought of driving all through the city traffic and waiting aimlessly in a food outlet for never ending minutes, itself turns me down. And I prefer having my comfy foods, in my favorite PJ’s with a Shah Rukh Khan movie on screen and digging deep in my couch rather than going to a restaurant where we are expected to dress up (anything other than PJs, messy hair and no jewels is dressing up for me) and behave in a humanly way.  

So last time when the new generation of the family met late in the evening with wine, gossips and laughter, everyone wanted different cuisines to hog onto. My home been the place of meeting, and me been the official driver of the family, I was expected to roam around the city, go to ten different restaurants to satisfy the taste buds of my siblings. So when a tech savvy cousin of mine, said to an already irritated me, “Why worry when food will arrive on a click.” … I thought she was teasing me. That’s when she told me about FoodPanda, the online food ordering site. Using this you could order your favorite cuisine from the many restaurants and the food arrives at your doorstep. They are also available as an app in iOS and Androids too. Awe! You could just imagine my happiness na. ;) I fell in love with this Panda then and there!

That same Christmas, myself and my friends, decided to celebrate a day of the season with the children of an orphanage. We arranged everything beforehand, ordered food for 50 people in a catering service, bought cake, sweets, gifts for the kids, and even harassed a friend until he agreed to be Santa. On the D-day, we reached early spend time with the kids, played games, and was having fun. But when the food came, my smile just disappeared. It was just enough for some 30 people. Going out and buying food for the rest, was not an option as time was running out and the nuns at the orphanage were already in their worst moods seeing the quantity of the food. That's when FoodPanda served the purpose again. Though it saved our time but not from snarling stares of those nuns. But the smiles we got from those little ones just were enough to make our day. How I wished, like the food we got on a click, if I could give them all the happiness they deserve with just a click!

And on that day, I released how fortunate I was to have a family. The kids in that place had a roof over their head, but they were still orphans. They were so poorly dressed, and the manners they have were not tolerable. And that place was one reputed one, which gets support from all over the world and even from the government. So they could never say the excuse of lack of fund to look after these kids properly. After seeing all this, we thought why we can’t build a home, a proper one for kids like them, where they would be happy to come back after a day at school. We may not able to provide everything for so many children, but if we could take care of at least two, then that's enough. We wanted to build a home for the less fortunate kids, which can be done only under a NGO which have experience for three years. And in that josh we actually went and registered an NGO - "Nikshik" with the help of an advocate friend. But when the NGO got officially registered and ready to go, I had to get back to Doha and another friend got hooked up with higher studies. Even though Nikshik is struggling in its initial stage, it's running and doing its bit and we hope one day we could make our dream come true.

Like Paulo Coelho said, "When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

And we want this to happen so badly, so the entire universe have to conspire together to make it happen.


  1. Foodpanda is definitely a savior on many such days! :)
    Kudos to you and your friend for doing your bit for the children! :)

  2. That was very moving to read about what you do at the orphanage! You make a difference, and I send you warm thought for doing what you do! Way to go! Have not tested foodpanda.. but seems I have to do so:-) Christmas is my favorite too, and it feels even more great and meaningful when you can make someone else happy also. Really enjoyed reading this post:-)

    1. Thank you so much....!! Your comment made my day..... :)

      You should definitely try Foodpands... best way to stay lazy but still have your fav dish.... ;)

  3. I love eating in and I ADORE the Paulo Coelho quote. I believe it too!

  4. Ohh I miss food panda !! I enjoy Christmas with my friends too , especially the cakes!! :)

  5. I love family reunions ;) specially the eating part.

  6. I've heard so many good things about Food Panda!!
    I can't wait to check it out once I'm back in Bangalore! :D

  7. i haven't checked foodpanda till now.. will definitely now visit now :)

  8. Shilpa, truly, the entire universe should conspire to be happy.

  9. What a cool thing! I wish we had something like that here where I live. That is so awesome. ♥

  10. Food panda sounds great! And kudos on the orphanage initiative. Here's hoping the universe is listening :)

  11. Food Panda is the much needed savior that save us trouble as we eat like family:) Good one Sheethal and love ur amazing post. B for brilliant:)

  12. Happiness is all we crave.. isn't it ?
    Foodpanda is not in my city yet.. may in time ahead it will :)