Thursday, December 12, 2013


" In deep inside her there dwells a person with me
There's a wild beauty in his name
Sometimes he engulfs me with his presence, leaving no space for my loneliness
And sometimes he leaves me alone, giving me time to be myself...

But whatever, I could never forget him "

Scribbling down always used to settle her wandering mind. It was like a tonic to her mood swings. But today nothing was working out. She was feeling restless from morning. It's been a year since they parted their way and even now she wish to travel back to time to bring him back from death.

I am taking part in Festival of Words by Write Tribe from 8th-14th December 2013. The theme for the day is "Travel".


  1. Aah! That's sad. Wish she could do that!!

  2. "Sometimes he leaves me alone,giving me time to be myself.." touched!

  3. Hope this is fictional sweets. I'd be sad if you're upset....
    And yes, writing does that to me too ;)
    Take care :)

  4. heartfelt... and very sad. As Bhavya said, I sincerely hope there is no truth to your post. God bless..

  5. wish she could do that, sheethal../

    great post :)

  6. Deep words on the sadness that often surround us. How incomplete our life is without the person we love? It may be sad but touched the heart.

  7. sad... and yes time travel is a wish for many.. wonder if it would be a bane or boon..