Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Lesson Learnt.

Life itself is a great teacher. No school or uni or MNC's could ever teach you, what you learn from real life experiences. Whoever is happy with their life have learnt their lessons properly and passed the test with flying colors.  

My life is a humpy bumpy ride and I think not only mine but all of yours too. It got all the elements a movie demands. And was fun and at the same time hectic to live till date. And during this journey I did learn couple of things  which I want to take to my grave. 

I always wished someone told me or rather convinced me that making mistakes was part of life and not the end of the world. I understood that making mistakes is human and just have to pick yourself from there and move forward. By making mistakes you discover who you are. They teach you to forgive yourself and helps you to let go of your fears and make you realize that mistakes were just stepping stones to happiness. I learned all these, but only after I did my share of mistakes. 

Another lesson I learned from life is to 'let go'. Letting go of someone or something is a big heart break for me. Till date like many, I have seen broken friendships, love, death, fights, misunderstandings and what not. And I am someone who could never forget the words of a person whether its good/bad. And if its something negative it just gets engraved in my mind. But off late, I came to my senses and embraced the art of letting go of the negatives and insecurities in my mind. Intentionally and unintentionally people hurt you or come to your life and go off too quickly, but they shouldn't affect you beyond a point. And I learned or still learning how to let go of 'Not-so-happy incidents, words and relations' of my past, present and future. 

P.S. Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

God Blez. 


This post is also in response to The Writer's Post blog hop #86. The host is Suzy from Reflections of my Soul. And her chosen prompt is "The Lesson".


  1. I love this quote on mistakes "Mistakes are the portals of discovery" ~ James Joyce
    And yes I too wish I had known this when I was young. Great post.
    Thanks so much for writing on my prompt and linking up.

  2. The best thing about learning things the hard way is that they tend to stay with you. You are a better person because of the experiences, good or bad you had. And of course, you are one of the rare people who atleast 'think' about life.

    1. At times learning the hard way can makes you so desperate. But still everything's for good. :)

  3. Yes of course... living, experiencing and learning from life makes our life better not bitter...
    well written

  4. Life is the best teacher. Amen to that.

  5. Life is the biggest teacher
    Rightly said buddy :)
    good lck

  6. Life... the teacher who doesn't believe in theories, the teacher who does not carry textbooks, but the teacher who teaches us the most!! :)

  7. Well said! We cant let our failures define us. We have to let our failures teach us!!