Thursday, August 2, 2012

Knock Knock

August is always a month of terror for me. It was in this month i lost a dear one. For me it’s always about how much i wish him to be here... But at the moment want to jot down about him...
Just him.
He came into my life just like that. Without invitation, without warning or even without knocking.

One most beautiful thing M and I share is our Birth date. Being pretty obsessed with that date it was like an extra bonus to us. And, our favorite song is also the same, apart from the Campus. Subject we studied. Place we are from. Coffee. Beach. Sea foods. Night rides. Etc... 

Actually. similarities didn't find us, we found them.  
He is a person who genuinely loves his parents, adores his sisters, who would die for his friends, who respect women, die hard animal lover, have concern for the less fortunate, who behaves really well to those who waits at tables in restaurants, who doesn’t hesitate to say sorry, who is not embarrassed to let his tears flow, who admits his mistakes, who would try his best to keep promises and soo much of a lovable persona.
He’s actually one guy I have seen who would do anything under the sun for his loved ones. He would travel from across the sea just to see you. Could go to any extreme just for a Smile on your face. He’s a person who values even the minute happiness or moments. And who gets happy and sad for small small things. 
An athlete by passion and a business man by profession. He likes to read long mails and personal messages in cards. He's Brand cautious. Love bright colors. He would laugh his head off for the silliest and keeps a straight face for the funniest.
He also have a heck of attitude, adamant like a kid, with a pinch of arrogance added to stubbornness, anger at the tip of his nose, soo much of possessiveness which makes you feel special , soo powerfully strong and too bold. A misnomer!
I would say,  A good example for an Imperfectly Perfect Man.

P.S.  Miss hearing from You.

P.S.S. 'Present tense' makes happy endings.
P.S.S.S.  Keep Smiling.

God Blez.

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