Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unbreak my Heart

I want you out of my life.
But I want you to stay there forever.

I don't wanna see you ever.
But I want to spend time with u.

I don't wanna talk to u.
But I wanna hear your voice again.

I don't like your Once in a Blue Moon Smile.
But I wanna see you Smiling always.

I don't like your singing.
But it can make me Smile.

I don't wanna trust you.
But no one trust you as i do.

Do i love you?
Do i care for you?
Does it make any difference to me whether U'r in Smiles or tears?
Who are you to me?
A stranger who i found when i can't find myself?
Or a friend who cheers me up?
Or some one who comes like a leap year?
Who are you?

Does Destiny play any role in meeting us up at the most unexpected time of our lives

God Blez. 

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