Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I am....

At the moment i am in love with Myself. Self love is the important love, no. So thought of scribble down about Myself.

So here it goes...............

Named as Sheethal Susan Jacob in all the official records. Called by loved and near ones as ... whatever they feel like at that moment. :/
I am complicated yet easy going, fun loving to the core, solitude seeker, not soo silent, serene and stubborn. :D
I love Rain & hate umbrellas.
I love people (White, black, grey, men, women, kids,….)
I am a good listener and a very good talkative.
I am optimist in talks, realistic in actions and a pessimist in thoughts.
I love travelling and want to travel whole around the world. (Wish list)
I love Driving and Riding.
Books - My obsession. I love reading and writing.
I always try to see the good in people and I trust people without judging them.
I am the solution seeker to my close ones but I do complain but only to myself.
I HATE when people say “you can’t do that … you can’t go there… because you are a Girl”.
I try 200% to keep a promise and expect the same from others.
I love being wild. I try to live the moment.
I believe in God, Nature and Karma.
I live life in my own way with my set of rules bit greatly influenced by the Smiles of my family.

Now the other side me: Dark traits (you are welcome to ignore from this part)

I am Stubborn (at times ‘m proud of that :P)
I am worst person to have around when I am in my bad mood.
I can be my parents’ sweetest daughter and also the sourest.
I am lazy & hate waking up early morning.
I hate someone waking me from my sleep.
I am hot tempered. Sensitive.
I get bored easily (Geminian traits, ‘m helpless in this).
I am naughty (24*7). Childish (often). Stupid (sometimes).
I hate when others take my things or enter my room without permission. (i do try to change... but still i get irritated)

Whatever it is I love ME soo much… because no one can do that role better than me. :D

Last but never the least :
Whatever happens move on with a Smile. Do good. Live life BIG.

Now, that’s a bit of information about me. All these are subjected to change at any time.

P.S. Keep Smiling.
P.S.S. God Bless.

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