Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What You Don't Know ...

Life is not always fair but life is not always unfair too

Just don't be so hard on yourself

Marvel for the beautiful creation you're

Admire yourself for the way you crossed all those hurdles

And how those hardships wised you and made you strong

What you don’t know 

And what you fail to see ...

This the way life is teaching you be better

Deeper, stronger and beautiful

Than yesterday. 

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  1. Wonderful poem to boost someone's spirits. Good reminder about how strong we become as a result of hardship and struggles.

  2. Wise words there. But when we're in the dumps we end up seeing only the unfair, unpleasant side of life.

  3. true ... everyday Life is giving us a chance to be a better person :)

  4. Lovely! Sometimes we need to keep reminding ourselves our own value :)