Monday, August 1, 2016

Stranger than Fiction

"Go open the door." ... I mumbled in my sleep. He just groaned and shifted his position and gave me a guffy smile.

Sunday was his day of breakfast. But my man was lazy to even stir from his sleep. Thanks to his late night games.

The knocking on the door was getting louder. Why would someone have to be here on a Sunday? Thinking this she got out of bed went straight to the kitchen somehow forgetting about the peace hacker at her doorstep.

She made herself a cup of coffee and walked into the hall. There his dinner was left untouched.

"This guy!”... She mumbled with a smile.

After her me-time with her coffee she decided to make breakfast. His favorite. The typical south Indian breakfast. He can't resist waking when the house fills with the smell of spices, she thought with a grin.

The calling bell was ringing again. This time she opened to see her mom and some of her neighbours pondering on her doorstep.

Her mom hugged her with relief

"Zoya!! I have been calling you for yesterday. Why you didn't pick my calls? And I'm standing here for hours. What were you doing?"

"Ever since her husband died three days before she haven't come out of the house." Her neighbors murmured to each other.

"What nonsense? My husband died? Who told you such insanity? He's inside sleeping and I was preparing his favorite breakfast."

She went inside and even by dinner time, the breakfast and lunch was left untouched and the house was filled with a deadly silence.

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  1. A touching and heart wrenching story, adorned with the description wavering the human soul.

  2. You have penned it so well that I feel so sad. Beautiful.

  3. Ouch! That hurts! Sometimes we fail to believe the truth and love to stay where our mind wants us to stay!


  4. Gosh! That's scary and shocking! Sad for the young bride!

  5. Denial and isolation... the first response to any deep shock/grief.
    I hope she is able to get up and be about soon...

  6. ohh that's heartbreaking!! it must be too shocking for me to process.

  7. Sigh... sad. And yet, so true in many a broken heart, is it not? Especially so soon after an abrupt death.

  8. Today's prompt is full of spooky and fantastic posts! :) I feel so sad for her, Sheethal! Very well done!

  9. Oh! That's sad! Well written!

  10. Oh my gosh! That was pretty eerie and how tragic for her :(

  11. How one holds on to those who are no longer there. Stranger than fiction, for sure. Creepy, yet, it could happen.

  12. That hurts....I could feel the vacuum in the house......Teary-eyed.....