Monday, July 7, 2014

Pebble in the shoe...

When I read Vidya’s blog post, the first thing that came to mind was, “Oh! Then I’m too the victim of these pebbles”. Then of course the way she wrote it. Whenever I read Vidya’s blog, a sense of tranquility overcomes me. I could picture herself sitting on a very comfy couch with a cup of coffee and her trademark smile and actually speaking out all those things she have wrote. That’s the effect good writers have on me. And she’s one beautiful writer I adore.

Now about those hidden pebbles… Yes, I do have my share of them in my stilettos/sneakers/flats or whatever I wear. And the worst part is that I know these soft pebbles would eventually make me stumble upon my paths. But knowingly or unknowingly these stubborn things just stick to my toes. 

There are pebbles of anger! To self and to those certain people who made me question the loyalty of any relation. Thou I don’t hold grudges or hard faces on them or deny any good things from my side, deep down the fact that they had hurt me once are still buried. And, I’m one of those that come under ‘I-forgive-but-never-forget’ category. 

Then pebbles of guilt! For not making the maximum I had in me. Moments, I made my ambitions secondary. Days, I was eager to please others rather than self. People I lost because of sheer egoism and stubbornness. 

Pebbles of regrets!  When things didn’t work out the way I planned and life just took me off from the road-want-to-travel to a new one. Thou it was an awesome ride, now and then some what-ifs make me look back.

Anything else? 

Certainly I’ll be able to find some more junk in the dusted closet of my mind if I ponder deep down. Been an introvert in sharing and expressing emotions, detoxifying these pebbles out of my system would require so much of time. But yes, I’m working on it. Because, been a woman who wishes happiness all-around her, I don’t want these tiny tot pebbles who just tickles once in a while now to turn into a sharp edged stone and hurt me. 


  1. I hear you! Far too many pebbles in my own shoes. :(

  2. I have way too many pebbles and too many blisters from them. :P I should write for this prompt. It would be a quick write! HA

  3. I too am someone with forgive-but-cannot-forget syndrome. It's good to recognize the pebbles in our shoes, that way we know they have to be removed.

  4. Aah! We all have these pebbles of anger, worry, guilt, regret... some are small and some are big and they all have a painful presence in our life. Wish we could throw them out real soon!

  5. I guess the good thing to know is that we all have these pebbles and it makes us human. Recognising these is the first step. The next bit is to work on them... :)

  6. Detoxifying the pebbles...........Loved this Sheethal . We have so many pebbles of anger , guilt etc into every pore of our body and nedd to throw them away.

  7. Identifying the pebbles is in itself a huge step. My pebbles are similar to yours :)