Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Always the Same.

It’s always been so hard when there is a goodbye.

There is always a tear in the eyes and in the heart when we lose someone we love or a close friend or someone in the hurts and gets a deep pain inside us from missing them... but at the same time we keep trying to have a hope that this person will come back again in our life...

Tears and pain can never kill the hope, when we have big faith in this hope and in this love that is inside us ...sometime we pray and other time we sit watch them from far away and other times we might just go and talk to them and put everything behind to build new start...but some others they would try to forget and to go over what they had ...but I keep wondering if we can ever go over something that have  become a big part of us ...even if they wasn't meant to  live with us..... But still they will always live inside us... 



  1. goodbyes are never happy endings.

    1. It can be made happy by promising to meet again.