Tuesday, March 6, 2012


She trusted him. Trusted him even when she knew he was full of lies. Tried to find something good in him.
Even when found, it were all wrapped up beautifully with lies.

Women are born not only with beauty, but with brains too. We do recognize fraudsters and liars but we choose to give them a chance to alter. But when they still prefer begin in their own self, nothing can be done. Their choice, their life. Having a good profile in the society doesn't mean he is a Gentleman. That is something obtained from a thoughtful heart and a good mind.

Why do people play with others' trust? Go get a life yaar, instead of making yourself more filthy. Be an example to your kid or one day u'r gonna regret for all this. What we do to others will eventually come back to us... be it good or bad. That's my belief. 

When you screw up others happiness be prepared to have your happiness also screwed. Tit for Tat. That's God's slogan now a days.


God bless You always coz you were trusted....... more than once.

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