Thursday, October 4, 2012

MBCET gets the Tallest Jesus Christ In India!!!

Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandruma ka my city :P , the state capital gets the tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the country. The three-tonne, marble-white statue of Christ which is sparkling at my Alma mater, the Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology on Bethany Hills Nalanchira, is 33.5 feet tall and pips the current record by 4.5 feet.  With his arms spread high in blessing, Christ stands atop a porch which is 22.5 feet high, taking the total height to 56 feet.  
 Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology

Tallest statue of Jesus Christ in India
Before this gigantic statue was erected there was an old one with the same posture. It made the college feel blessed. And then it was removed for renovation which was during my final year there, its bareness made the place empty. But to be back with more glory, glow and divinity.

Renowned art director Premachandran and his 30-member team took only 35 days to complete the work. At night, the eyes of Jesus will glow. Imported radium was used to give a greenish glowing effect in the dark. The giant statue is made of highly-durable fiberglass and marble white automotive paint was used on the statue.

The statue is dedicated to the memory of an alumnus of Mar Baselios College, Midhun Reyan Markose (2004-08, EEE Batch), a dear one of mine, who is survived by his parents and sisters. His going away was like a lightning been hit straight into the heart. But his family and friends always made it a point to make him alive whenever possible. Now every person who sees this statue sees him too, could imagine him as a student there, which makes him immortal.


MRM, no one is gonna let u go that easily. ;) Keep rocking there. :)


P.S. “Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” So always cherish your lost ones. :)

God Blez.
Credits: Some parts of this post are taken from “IBNLive”.

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