Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September in 123...

October!! Aaah…. Already!! Time surely flies soo fast.

September was a normal, good, peaceful and a busy month. The climate was considerably good compared to the scorching last months. This is one thing I hate about Middle East. Summer or winter, it’s the extreme. Where else in God’s own country it’s almost always the air conditioned climate (except for the month of April/May).

Here goes my September …

1.     The Happiest One!!!!
       I became a MAASI again, to an obviously handsome lil dude!!!  Can’t wait to take the bundle of joy in my hands.  (Now I have 4 nieces and 3 nephews out of 4 sisters. WOW!!)  :D :)

2.       Was pretty busy @work but still managed to read some books, chat and scan FB.

3.       Got a new Mobileeeee.  Ok. Actually got it in August, but still its NEW. :D

4.       Started searching for a vehicle for myself. Haven’t decided yet. But my mind is hooked with WRANGLER!

Isn't she a Beauty??!!

5.       Deleted an acquaintance from FB n life when he crossed the invisible boundary of speech. (I am proud of myself for that.)

6.       Had an awesome Friday evening at the Beach.

7.       Spend a really good mid-day break with a friend with flowers.

8.       Shifted to a new house, something like our place back @home.  And finally succeeded having a room whole by myself without my bro intruding to share the bed. (He’s really scared to sleep alone, so now with Dad & Mom! :D)

9.       Explored the MBCO outlet near the work place. And in love with their chocolaty hot chocolate. (Craving for more…)

10.   Took my first leave from work!

11.   Tallest statue of Jesus Christ in India was built and blessed in my College as a memorial for a dearest one. (Mixed emotions)

12.   Talked to a close friend after a long break.  HAPPY!!!  (I was the sole reason for the break, so can’t complain.)

13.   Friend/Soul sister of mine is super-duper happy romancing with her fiancée. :P

14.   Last but never the least, I am missing my place, people and familiarities but am happy and smiling.


P.S. October! Be good to everyone.

God Blez.

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