Saturday, October 13, 2012

My favorite day's been murdered!

Saturday was always my most favorite day. Been a Christian, Sunday mornings were fully dedicated for church.  So Saturday was my absolutely lazy day. The day when I let the sun kick me out of the bed. The day when breakfast is actually eaten, rather than gulping down the entire food in one or two mouths. The day when the weekly chores were done, books were read at a normal pace, shopping’s, outing, movies and all the extra fun of life was done. The day dedicated to group studies, which is an extra day of chit chatting and gossiping. The day when the exhibitions and fest grounds were loitered.

Now when entered into professional life, that too in Middle East, my week starts on Saturdays. Monday blues changed to Saturday dryness. And my so called lazy Saturday turned out to be hard working Saturday!


P.S. Indian Saturday, I miss you. :( I need you back to re-energize my cells.



God Blez.

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