Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Post! :)

No new ideas! No new incidents! No new emotions! No new stories! Nothing! Then why not make the people in your life the subject of a blog post? Why not scribble about them?

One thing that always surprises me and makes me happy is the people I have in my life. Surprised coz, does everyone get such people in life, who you know is there no matter how u screws up? Happy coz I have them and they are mine. :)

ATJ - My older GF. Love her serenity, sanity n insanity, blabbering and her love of life. Senior in school and boarding mate. I was so crazy about her then and even now, thou the childhood craziness do not exist I simply love her for the person she is.

JMJ - 17 years. That’s what we have shared. Initial three years, it was just familiarity. Then it was friends through thick n thin. She’s one sanest, craziest, spontaneous and smart female. We share the same ideologies, the certain level of feminism and love for each other. Our friendship started with lays and books. The first girl friend with whom I talked about boys, crushes, dates, love, career, marriage, dreams and life itself. And now even thou we are unmarried and childless, we talk about getting our kids married to each other or letting them be best friends We lead our life in different paths in different places, but still, when we meet nothing changes.  We are still the same old girls. Soul sister, Love u!

JAJ – A devilish beauty with an angelic face. :D She has the most innocent faces I have ever seen. Whatever stupidity she does in class, the blame automatically rests upon our shoulders. Coz no one believes she could say/do anything out of the box. Stubborn like a mule. The female warrior (Unni Aarcha) of the whole batch. Doesn’t mind picking up a fight even with the professors to make her version clear. But she’s a lovable, caring and a practical female. Bold enough to live with her likes and principles.

K & N: They are the recently added sibilings in my life. Big B and lil sister. This defines them. K tolerates mine & N’s stubbornness, inflexibility, rareness and similarities. No probz, he is supposed to! :P We knew each other for years, but never talked, never even looked at each other’s way. But all of sudden there they are!

LPN – “Where ever u go, ‘m there.”
That’s our tagline and that’s what defines us. Right now we are planning to elope together, after making a good amount of money. :D . Someone who seems to understand what ‘m saying, even when I just blabber out the word. Someone who thinks with heart, crazy about foot wears and watches, who doesn't likes chocolates, lovable, a bit scary with those look she gives. But whatever u does, she’ll never back out. Will be there for u in spite of the weather around.

MK – Talkative, sensitive, bold, smart, lovable. A complete F.O.O.D.I.E. 24x7 hungry. She’s one person who doesn’t tolerate me when I freak out my duties of a friend. Who has her own principles and ideologies and criticizes and scolds me when I do craps. A fun person who’s ultimate aim is to live happily and make others happy too. She’s like a like a lil sister who I treat as a bro!

N & N – Love these girls. But lost the intimacy of once high friendship during the course of life. Blame it on ego, arrogance and misunderstandings. But when realized, it was too late to be back in square one.

SAJ - I am his first female friend (big grins). And m his secret keeper and he only opens up his bottled mind in front of me, actually he says so. One hell of an adamant and confident guy. One person to whom I can turn to in the case of advices whether in studies, love, relations, guys, money or profession. And he never fails to be in touch with me even if I do so.

SS - Another one from small age. But we were never friends, then. Or I didn’t consider him as one. I actually couldn’t stand this guy coz of his intensity of irritating me. My fighting friend. And he even made a disappearance from my premises and never showed up for years. Then suddenly, there he is, with his same old insanity. But now he’s a friend with whom I have shared my childhood and who I can count up on anything on anytime of the day/night. But we still fight a hell lot, and he's still irritating to the core. :D

RR – The lady with brown eyes. A sleepless night creature who wakes up even from deep coma when a Hide& seek biscuit wrapper is opened. A female who looks so fragile with an unbelievable temper. She always strives to do her best and win the race of life. My partner in planning crimes.

VSV – Human being who made me create a priority list. My BBF, who never wishes me on time for my birthday unless I threaten him or start pleading before a fortnight. Who irritates me like there’s no tomorrow. Person who precisely wakes me up in insane hours during exam seasons. Makes me say sorry for the stupid things he provokes me to say. Makes a habit to be somewhere near the scene when ‘m involved. Was there visibly and invisibly whenever I needed him. Demands birthday gifts from each other which have to be unique. I miss having u around esp. when I need to throw a tantrum at someone, and when something good/bad happens.
How much I complain to God, this is one thing I’ll always be grateful and happy. Coz these souls are not my relation by blood and I never choose them, they all came to my life unexpectedly at different times to show me life is definitely beautiful and no matter what, God will never make u feel lonely. All these people hold their own space, their own importance in my life. And I believe no one can replace one another. Each person is unique in his/her own ways.

A toast to you people.

No matter how much you grow, some people can still bring out the child in you. Love you all coz of who are you deep down in heart, and coz you guys tolerate me as I am.



P.S. :)

God Blez.