Thursday, October 4, 2012

Next Vaccation in Mars or Venus?

Wow!!! That was the feeling I got once I put down "Time & Again" by Nora Roberts!!!

It’s not coz of the unusuality of the story, which is typical NB in every word with a bit less energy, but coz of her imagination and the “I wish I was the character”, feeling.

It’s a love, romantic dram taking place between people in the 20th century and the 23rd century. Two brothers from the future fall in love with two sisters in the past! Serious time travel. But just skimmed through the sci-fi area. Understandable, as she’s a romantic series writer and not a sci-fi author.

Now I wish I was that character who flies in and around space from earth to mars and from past to future.

Now I dun give a 10 on 10 for this read, but it enjoyable. It definitely made me think about the future and the changes the world would see in another 100 or 200 years.

There’s always an adventure about space, time and future and past than the present. Imagine if u had the power and the resource to travel through time and centuries what would u do? Me definitely will go back to the past and correct some wrong steps i have done. But is it possible, coz when I am in my own past, won’t there be another me. I mean one who came to change the past and one who’s living in that era? Confused??!!! Leave it.

After doing whatever I want in the past, will move to the future. I would to see how the world will change when I crawling under the dirt undergoing decomposition. It would be robots, computers, and unimaginable gadgets with unbelievable features, flying cars, vacation in moon and mars, and a colony in Venus? Mini laptops will be replacing books and pencils in schools? Teachers or robots? What else would dramatically change from the present world which will be considered primitive then? In Time and Again, there’s a mention about the dish washing robot, the food been delivered at restaurants on the touch of a switch, air cycle, civilization in Mars and relaxing a weekend there and even the toothbrushes and razors been seen only at museums. Obviously the coming future will be far technologized than now. Human presence will be replaced by more gadgets. And relations…??? Will there be anything personalized to make one crave for their dear ones? Guess, we will have to live up to then to know the real future.


P.S. Long life to all.

 God Blez.


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