Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October in 123 …

1.       Work was busy during the first half, and then it was ok.
2.       Settled in the new house.
3.       Dad’s in India and ‘m the sole owner of his car till he’s back.
4.       An evening at the Cornish. Alone. :)

5.       Discovered that ‘m addicted to coffee to an extent and ‘m loving it.

6.       Unexpected visits and unexpected flowers from a friend as last month. (Is he making it a habit?)


7.       As in Sep, my childhood friend is blooming, blushing and happily in love. :)

8.       Eid Holidays! 4 full days’ official holiday + 1 and half day bunked!!!! :) :) :) :)

9.       Met my cranky friends more than once! :)

10.   Getting used with this familiar strange land.

11.   Down with Cold….. Aaaaa chooooo….. phewwww…

12.   Cravings for books were diminished by buying two.

13.   I was adamant not to step into the hospital premises when I myself was sneezing for a    whole month, but when Mom decided to cut her finger instead of fish, had to rush her to hospital. When someone dear to us, suffer, we just can’t ignore.

14.   Only one more month away from home. Missing my people there.

P.S. May everyone have an awesome November.

God Blez.


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