Sunday, October 21, 2012

NO to ‘No Coffee’!

A huge cup of bed coffee in mine only coffee mug to make my eyes and head adjust to the cruelty of waking up, small disposable cup of coffee when in office, not one but maybe 3 or 4 a day. And one more, on reaching home, after throwing away my heels and hand-bag. :) I consider all these as a part of pampering myself. How am gonna turn my face away from these pleasures?

One day without coffee and I were out the entire day and the next morning till I got hold of a cup of steaming hot coffee. Mom was trying to keep me away from coffee ever since my intake has increased in the past 6 months. And yesterday she came up with some insane diet procedure, where NO COFFEE for 1 WEEK! (Guess she knowingly picked this one). The acceptance part was to see if I could come out of this not so addiction of caffeine. But I failed :(. And I hereby declare, even without my regular intake of food/drinks I would survive, but without my cup of coffee at least in the morning I am completely screwed up. And my bro became the victim of my No Coffee day’s rudeness! Mom even started telling that so much caffeine will cause cancer, and is associated with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high homo-cysteine levels which lead to heart disease…. blah blah blah!

OK! Now I know that coffee or any form of caffeine is not as healthy as it taste but it’s not gonna let me say NO to that! For me, if there’s no coffee, then it’s a nasty headache and extreme level of grumpiness. Seriously, I don’t wanna live a long life, if I have to put away my loves. Live life to the fullest and die early. :)
Actually, is this is how drunkards also feel…??  Who cares!

P.S. A cup of hot coffee before bed makes your night beautiful, experts says so! So let me make my night beautiful too. ;)

God Blez all coffee lovers! :)

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